In the recent pandemic times, we have all connected back to ourselves and the nature around us. This only goes to show how important urban trees are in helping to cope up with our daily life stress. In reality, Mother Earth itself has made us all realize how beneficial urban trees are in a city dweller’s life.

Treecotech has been advocating since long about the need for preserving our existing large urban trees for the various environmental & social benefits. As the world economies including India’s begin to open up, the impact of urbanization on trees is bound to continue even after that. Our ISA Certified Arborists® and arboriculture experts will help you implement the right strategies to minimize the impact of construction on trees, retain high value trees, identify high risk trees and apply the appropriate mitigation measures to create the required human-tree balance.

One positive effect of staying at home has been sitting next to the window and admiring the lush green trees. The clear skies and pollution free atmosphere have added a new life to the trees. They look alive and beautiful.

However, once India opens up to move forward in the direction of economic growth and urbanisation, our environment and trees will be the prime sufferers.

This rapid urban development will give rise to the urban heat island effect. Our services and tree care experts make it possible to slow down this effect. We are specialists in providing solutions for management and maintenance of trees.

With our professionally certified and qualified arboriculture experts, Treecotech is equipped to continuously work towards creating a balance between infrastructure expansion and tree cover.

Research Says that…

1) Over the course of its life, 1 tree can absorb 1 tonne of carbon dioxide

2) If planted around residential premises, trees can cut noise pollution by 50 %.

3) Trees around buildings and offices can bring down the air- conditioner needs by 30%.

4) Well maintained trees and plants can increase property value.

5) Trees cool the surfaces by providing shade.

6) Trees enhance the aesthetics of a surrounding.

In urban environments, trees have a positive impact on human health. People are happier with trees around them. They feel comfortable and closer to nature


Why Us?

  • Our team is led by India’s first ISA certified Arborist- Vaibhav H. R A J E

  • We believe in practical solutions and unbiased approach.

  • We focus on creating a long term sustainable environment for the society.

  • Availability of latest & advanced diagnostic equipment complimented by relevant arboriculture software for tree assessment jobs

  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of the subject

  • Affiliated with International bodies and professionals in the field of Arboriculture

Meet Our Expert- VAIBHAV H RAJE

Vaibhav is an ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) Certified Arborist (ML 0406A) and is focused on pioneering the arboriculture industry in India. He is also a member of International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). He now leads the Arboriculture Division and provides his expertise in tree management and conservation for various infrastructure projects.

He has worked on several horticulture, landscape & arboriculture projects with various ecological and environmental consultancies in India and UK. Before venturing in to Treecotech, Vaibhav worked as an independent consultant for nearly 7 years with Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation, Godrej Group, SD Corporation and many others.