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Reasons for Hiring Tree Services for Your Premises

Reasons for Hiring Tree Services for Your PremisesTree planning consultancy services and plant health care services are required by the owners of the commercial properties as well as the residential properties. If you have a question in mind that why should you hire such tree services then here is the information for you after going through which you will also agree to the necessity of hiring an arboriculture consultancy in India for every developed property or under construction/renovation property.

Add Aesthetic Value: An arboriculture consultancy in Mumbai adds aesthetic value to your premises by planting relevant trees. The type of tree/plant, their size, leaves patterns, flowering time, etc. everything is well known to a certified arborist in Mumbai and thus he can beautify a commercial or residential property more than a layman or a gardener can do. Also, the arborist in Mumbai can take care of trees at the property regularly to maintain neatness by trimming plants and trees as and when required, removing rodents or pests, and cleaning the falling leaves or branches of the tree. Such services of a tree company in Mumbai add beauty to your property and increase the property value. The urban tree experts pro-actively take care to plant a tree at locations where it does not pose any hindrance to the development of property or the visitors at the property ever in tree’s life.

Tree Care Guidance: You being the property owner can know about your plant health by making an appointment with certified arborist service in Mumbai. While offering plant health care services, the certified arborist in Mumbai will guide you at every step on how to take care of your trees and plants so that they can live long healthily. Not only they guide, but they can do the task efficiently on your behalf. Furthermore, if any plant/tree is suffering from any kind of infection/illness then the arborist in Mumbai will suggest the appropriate measures that should be taken for the sake of good health of the tree.

Handling of Trees: A tree arborist in Mumbai has a professional eye to identify and assess the requirements of every tree. They are well versed with safe tree retention and protection strategies for falling trees, decaying trees, dying trees and heritage trees. Their tree pruning techniques prove very useful if any tree needs to be removed. The ISA certified arborist in Mumbai pays equal attention to young trees so that they grow healthily, thereby making their services essential for every property.

Contribution to Nature: A tree arborist in Mumbai and other parts of the world help you to contribute to nature by planning for planting various types of trees in your property. Since an arborist in Mumbai is experienced and skilled in the field, he can righteously help you with species selection and planting advisory so that the planted trees survive for long in the environmental and soil conditions at your property. 

Go Green: Conduct A Tree Survey in Your School or College

Go Green Conduct A Tree Survey in Your School or CollegeSchools can provide a beautiful ambiance to the students for learning by giving space to trees in planning and development of the school premises. Besides giving a fresh environment, the presence of trees will also inculcate a love for nature in students. As students need to realize the importance of trees in our life, they should also be aware that this relationship is two ways. This implies that just like trees give us oxygen to breathe we should also take good care of trees around us so that they can live a healthy and long life. These values can be inculcated in students only when the school authorities practice them on their own. So, similar to other important jobs of the school, taking care of surrounding trees and trees or plants within the school is equally important. The schools can seek the help of tree health care services for keeping surrounding trees healthy. Such plant health care services send a certified tree arborist in Mumbai to conduct tree surveys for schools and colleges as requested. 

An astute tree arborist in Mumbai ensures to conduct a thorough survey of school/college premises and accordingly suggests tree survey compliant measures. Such a survey and suggested measures help to know about your plant health and take the necessary steps to improve the health of a tree and to adopt safe tree retention and protection strategies. Thereafter, the school/college can instruct concerned staff members to follow the measures suggested by arboriculture consultancy in Mumbai. Else, they can regularly call for a specialist from a certified arborist service in Mumbai for giving plant health care services to the trees within or outside the premises of the school or college. 

Schools need to take a tree survey not only for aesthetic reasons and inculcating values in children but also because it may be a legal obligation for them to make sure that all trees in school/college are safe for students, parents, visitors and school staff. For the sake of safety and health, schools should immediately get an appointment with arboriculture expert if:

  • A tree at the school/college property is leaning in one direction. It is likely to fall eventually and can hurt people around. Thus, it needs appropriate action soon.
  • A tree is obstructing the way in the playground or pathway and posing threat to students, staff, parents, etc. 
  • Nearby trees are a hindrance while extending the school playground. 
  • A tree in school is infected in any way and becoming a source of infection for other trees around.
  • A tree is bearing too many unwanted insects as it could be a sign of unhealthy tree calling for treatment or removal. 
  • Branches are falling. It can be a sign of a dying tree and needs immediate action by urban tree experts so that the tree doesn’t hurt any passer-by. 

When the school or college seeks services of a tree company in Mumbai, they can rest assured about the complete health care of trees and plants on their premises. The schools and colleges should religiously adopt measures suggested by the tree arborist in Mumbai post taking a survey. 

Checklist to Ensure That Your Tree is Healthy:

Trees are also living beings like humans. Similar to human being trees also suffer illness and can die if proper care is not taken. Thus, regular health check-ups of a tree are essential. If you love your tree you will spend time with it and will be able to observe for unwanted changes in the tree which will indicate you about the tree’s health. You can also call a certified tree arborist agency in Mumbai who will send an expert to astutely inspect the health of the tree. Sometimes, you are unsure that whether you need the services of tree care experts in Mumbai or not, in such cases you can check your tree for the following points in your tree before calling a certified arborist in Mumbai:

Trunk: The trunk of the tree prominently indicates the health condition of the tree. If your tree is full of bark then it is certainly healthy but if nearly half of the bark is missing then your tree needs urgent attention by an established arborist in Mumbai. Woodpecker holes are also indicative of an unhealthy tree. Furthermore, if the too many branches are arising out of the main trunk base then book an appointment with an ISA certified arborist in Mumbai or elsewhere and get your tree reviewed. 

Leaves of the tree: Another way to identify the health of your tree is by way of its leaves. Green and shiny leaves are signs of the healthy tree as against dull and yellow leaves which are signs of an unhealthy tree. Green leaves without luster also call for plant health care services. Another way to assess the health of your tree is by looking at its canopy. Healthy trees have dense canopy (except for fall season) which is not so in the case of unhealthy trees. 

The appearance of Fungus: If fungus is appearing anywhere outside your tree then chances are there that your tree may rot soon or is already rotting from inside. Your hired tree arborist in Mumbai from a renowned tree development consultancy in Mumbai can precisely tell you after proper inspection of the tree that whether your tree can be saved or not. 

When any of the above signs are present in your tree, you must get an appointment with an arboriculture expert so that he can inspect the health of your tree. Urban tree experts not only assess health but also take necessary safe tree retention and protection strategies. They help you to know about your plant health and the ways to improve the health of your tree. Religiously following the guidelines of arboriculture consultancy in India can recover your tree from a bad state and save your tree. you can book appointment Treecotech if you are looking for an expert arboricultural consultancy in Mumbai or elsewhere at a worthy cost. 

When to Remove a Tree from a Commercial Property? Who can Remove a Tree?

When to Remove a Tree from a Commercial PropertyDo you see a tree decaying or dying in your commercial property? Is the tree causing a nuisance for the commercial property owners or customers visiting the property? If either is the case, then you may have to consider to remove the tree to avoid a loss to property or life in case the tree falls. Besides these, there are other few major reasons that make tree removal unavoidable from a commercial property.

The trees which are leaning or overgrown unmanageably and are causing hindrance for electric wires, water pipes, telephone lines need attention. If a tree instead of adding beauty to your commercial property is restricting the entry of customers or troubling them by entangling with branches or roots of other trees should be regularly trimmed. If they are so overgrown that despite trimming the problems created by them standstill, then removing them can provide a permanent solution. In such cases, taking the help of tree care experts for removing the tree should be taken. Furthermore, a tree that is infected in any way or suffering from disease must be regularly visited by a certified tree arborist agency in Mumbai so that its health can be improved. After applying safe tree retention and protection strategies on the unhealthy tree if the certified arborist in Mumbai suggests that the tree cannot be saved removing it is a better option then following his recommendations will be an apt solution. This is because experts of arboriculture in India know well that a decaying tree will die eventually and can cause damage to human life, animal life and property around if not removed in time.

Removing a tree from a commercial property is very different from removing a tree from residential property and urban tree experts righteously know how to accomplish the task successfully. First of all, removing a tree from a commercial property may require permission from concerned authorities, for example, removing a tree from a commercial property in Mumbai will need BMC tree permission before removal.  Additionally, unlike residential property, commercial property has the footfall of a large number of visitors and that too continuously throughout the operating hours of the businesses in and around the commercial property. Hence, professionals of a tree company in Mumbai have to take utmost care while removing the tree such that it does not cause any injury to people visiting the commercial property or place around the tree. Guarding the area or restricting visitor’s entry to the area from where the tree should be removed is taken care of by proficient arboriculture services in Mumbai till the time the tree is completely and safely removed. Once hired, it is the responsibility of arboriculture consultancy in India to remove the tree, its stump, the roots, and the resultant debris. Thus, when you realize that a tree in your commercial property must be removed then hire a certified arborist service in Mumbai and get a threatening and unwanted tree removed safely from the commercial property.

Know the Health of the Tree in Your Premises:

All those who have a tree or multiple trees in their compound must be loving the beauty the trees add to the property besides enjoying the fresh air amidst them. To continue admiring the natural beauty and enjoying the benefits of trees in your compound, you should realize the importance of tree care. Unless you take good care of your tree, the health of your tree may get adversely affected. Thus, in addition to nurturing your tree like a living baby, you should know about your plant health by seeking the advice of a professional tree arborist in Mumbai. Tree care experts in Mumbai can visit your premises for doing the health check-up of your tree and guide you accordingly on how to take care of your tree and which safe tree retention and protection strategies can be adopted for ensuring good health of your tree. If you are unsure that whether current health status of your tree requires an appointment with arborist Mumbai for a health check-up or not then inspect following parts of your tree:

  • Leaves: Leaves are the best and the biggest sign to indicate the health condition of your tree. The leaf color, texture, and quality should be consistent over the years. If the leaves are turning pale or have holes then it can be a sign of damaged tree or bugs in the tree. If leaves of your tree are falling rapidly in the spring or summer season then also your tree may be sick and needs an appointment with certified arboriculture expert.
  • Fungus: Another clear indication of the rotting of your tree is fungus appearing on outside of your tree. 
  • Bark: It may be difficult for a layman to figure out the health of the tree by looking at the bark of the tree but an expert from plant health care services can easily tell it merely by looking at the bark of the tree. Usually, old barks of old trees peel off and new barks arrive in their place. But instead of it if you find a smooth trunk then it means that your tree may be at a stage that is beyond healing. So, it is advisable to immediately get appointment with arboriculture expert for the sake of your tree. Needle holes in barks are also signs of a bug attack on a dead tree thereby demanding attention.
  • Branches: As long as branches are bearing leaves, the tree is healthy otherwise it may not be. Do not forget to check all the branches so that you can make out if your tree is partially or wholly unhealthy. When you peel the branch of a tree and see a different color than a lush green, then also it is a matter of worry.
  • Roots: For a layman, inspecting roots can be a challenge but it is an easy task for an established arboricultural consultancy in India. Small branches sprouting from roots indicate the extent of damage caused to your tree due to chemicals, excess water, construction/excavation projects in your area or other reasons. 

If any of the above problems are present in your tree and tree care experts in Mumbai recommend you for removing your tree then do not delay in doing so because a dying tree can become a serious threat. Remember, trees are also living beings and need care. They can shower benefits only if they are healthy. Else, they can become a cause of damage to people or property around. So, maintain the good health of your tree. You can regularly seek tree care solutions from an arboricultural consultancy in Mumbai to ensure a longer and healthy life of your tree.

Why is it Essential to Remove a Tree Around Residential Property?

Why is it Essential to Remove a Tree Around Residential Property

Trees means ‘life’ for us humans. Greenhouse effect and other problems that occur due to the lack of trees that we face exemplify the importance of trees for all living beings on earth. Certainly, when on one hand we are trying to cultivate more and more trees around the world, none of us would like to remove a tree from anywhere. But despite adopting safe tree retention and protection strategies, sometimes removing a tree becomes unavoidable, especially if it is in a residential area. Here are some of the reasons which make tree removal necessary by seeking services of a tree arborist in Mumbai:

Death of a tree: It is sad to see a tree dying but if a tree near your property is dead, it should be removed soon. Else, it can hurt people or animals around or can also cause damage to the property as it is prone to falling. 

Outgrowing trees: Overgrown trees when not managed properly grow like wildfire. Branches and roots of such trees damage the telephone lines, electric wires, water pipes, and whatsoever comes in their way. Owners of residential properties or utility companies operating in residential areas at times demand to remove such trees.

Unhealthy tree: If a tree near your home is unhealthy or has caught a life-threatening or communicable infection, then you can seek plant health care services from a certified arborist in Mumbai. Tree care experts in Mumbai help you to know about your plant health and can guide you with necessary tree health care steps. In spite of taking tree care solutions, if your tree’s health doesn’t improve then it is advisable to remove it else it can become a source of infection for other plants/living beings around.

Leaning trees: Many times, trees lean a particular direction. A leaning tree is likely to fall on any day, especially during bad weather conditions and so it is always a threat to life and property around. So, for the sake of saving life and property in place of the tree which will eventually fall, it is better to remove the leaning tree soon. 

Aesthetic Importance: Green flourishing trees add aesthetic value to your property. But if a tree poses an obstruction to your view from the property or blocks the view of your property from outside then it decreases the value of your property. No property owner wants to face handsome monetary loss because of a tree and so prefers tree removal. In such cases, do not forget to transplant the tree elsewhere.

Overcrowding of trees: If there are too many trees in a limited area, then tangling of their roots can shorten the life of all the trees altogether. So, it is better to sacrifice one for saving others. Crowding of trees also generates the fear of falling branches and roots coming over the ground which can hurt people around. Other problems associated with crowding of trees are the destruction of powerline, residential premise, internet/telephone lines, cracks in the pavement/pool/lawn, road blocking, etc. To avoid crowding of trees, sometimes one or more trees need to be removed. Here again, tree transplantation after tree removal can save the important life of a tree.

Construction or renovation: While constructing a building or renovating a property, if a tree comes in between, then it can be safely removed by a certified arborist service in Mumbai and planted elsewhere so that it doesn’t cause hindrance to your project and also the life of the tree is saved. 

If you are facing any of the above-mentioned problems, then it is wise to get an appointment with an arboriculture expert as an arborist in Mumbai can help you decide whether tree removal is essential or not. Furthermore, a certified tree arborist agency in Mumbai technically handles the task of tree transplantation by removing an unwanted but healthy tree safely from its native location and then planting the removed tree at an apt location. Thus, hiring services of an arboriculture consultancy in Mumbai is worthy to remove, plant and save a tree.