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Know the Health of the Tree in Your Premises:

All those who have a tree or multiple trees in their compound must be loving the beauty the trees add to the property besides enjoying the fresh air amidst them. To continue admiring the natural beauty and enjoying the benefits of trees in your compound, you should realize the importance of tree care. Unless you take good care of your tree, the health of your tree may get adversely affected. Thus, in addition to nurturing your tree like a living baby, you should know about your plant health by seeking the advice of a professional tree arborist in Mumbai. Tree care experts in Mumbai can visit your premises for doing the health check-up of your tree and guide you accordingly on how to take care of your tree and which safe tree retention and protection strategies can be adopted for ensuring good health of your tree. If you are unsure that whether current health status of your tree requires an appointment with arborist Mumbai for a health check-up or not then inspect following parts of your tree:

  • Leaves: Leaves are the best and the biggest sign to indicate the health condition of your tree. The leaf color, texture, and quality should be consistent over the years. If the leaves are turning pale or have holes then it can be a sign of damaged tree or bugs in the tree. If leaves of your tree are falling rapidly in the spring or summer season then also your tree may be sick and needs an appointment with certified arboriculture expert.
  • Fungus: Another clear indication of the rotting of your tree is fungus appearing on outside of your tree. 
  • Bark: It may be difficult for a layman to figure out the health of the tree by looking at the bark of the tree but an expert from plant health care services can easily tell it merely by looking at the bark of the tree. Usually, old barks of old trees peel off and new barks arrive in their place. But instead of it if you find a smooth trunk then it means that your tree may be at a stage that is beyond healing. So, it is advisable to immediately get appointment with arboriculture expert for the sake of your tree. Needle holes in barks are also signs of a bug attack on a dead tree thereby demanding attention.
  • Branches: As long as branches are bearing leaves, the tree is healthy otherwise it may not be. Do not forget to check all the branches so that you can make out if your tree is partially or wholly unhealthy. When you peel the branch of a tree and see a different color than a lush green, then also it is a matter of worry.
  • Roots: For a layman, inspecting roots can be a challenge but it is an easy task for an established arboricultural consultancy in India. Small branches sprouting from roots indicate the extent of damage caused to your tree due to chemicals, excess water, construction/excavation projects in your area or other reasons. 

If any of the above problems are present in your tree and tree care experts in Mumbai recommend you for removing your tree then do not delay in doing so because a dying tree can become a serious threat. Remember, trees are also living beings and need care. They can shower benefits only if they are healthy. Else, they can become a cause of damage to people or property around. So, maintain the good health of your tree. You can regularly seek tree care solutions from an arboricultural consultancy in Mumbai to ensure a longer and healthy life of your tree.

Why is it Essential to Remove a Tree Around Residential Property?

Why is it Essential to Remove a Tree Around Residential Property

Trees means ‘life’ for us humans. Greenhouse effect and other problems that occur due to the lack of trees that we face exemplify the importance of trees for all living beings on earth. Certainly, when on one hand we are trying to cultivate more and more trees around the world, none of us would like to remove a tree from anywhere. But despite adopting safe tree retention and protection strategies, sometimes removing a tree becomes unavoidable, especially if it is in a residential area. Here are some of the reasons which make tree removal necessary by seeking services of a tree arborist in Mumbai:

Death of a tree: It is sad to see a tree dying but if a tree near your property is dead, it should be removed soon. Else, it can hurt people or animals around or can also cause damage to the property as it is prone to falling. 

Outgrowing trees: Overgrown trees when not managed properly grow like wildfire. Branches and roots of such trees damage the telephone lines, electric wires, water pipes, and whatsoever comes in their way. Owners of residential properties or utility companies operating in residential areas at times demand to remove such trees.

Unhealthy tree: If a tree near your home is unhealthy or has caught a life-threatening or communicable infection, then you can seek plant health care services from a certified arborist in Mumbai. Tree care experts in Mumbai help you to know about your plant health and can guide you with necessary tree health care steps. In spite of taking tree care solutions, if your tree’s health doesn’t improve then it is advisable to remove it else it can become a source of infection for other plants/living beings around.

Leaning trees: Many times, trees lean a particular direction. A leaning tree is likely to fall on any day, especially during bad weather conditions and so it is always a threat to life and property around. So, for the sake of saving life and property in place of the tree which will eventually fall, it is better to remove the leaning tree soon. 

Aesthetic Importance: Green flourishing trees add aesthetic value to your property. But if a tree poses an obstruction to your view from the property or blocks the view of your property from outside then it decreases the value of your property. No property owner wants to face handsome monetary loss because of a tree and so prefers tree removal. In such cases, do not forget to transplant the tree elsewhere.

Overcrowding of trees: If there are too many trees in a limited area, then tangling of their roots can shorten the life of all the trees altogether. So, it is better to sacrifice one for saving others. Crowding of trees also generates the fear of falling branches and roots coming over the ground which can hurt people around. Other problems associated with crowding of trees are the destruction of powerline, residential premise, internet/telephone lines, cracks in the pavement/pool/lawn, road blocking, etc. To avoid crowding of trees, sometimes one or more trees need to be removed. Here again, tree transplantation after tree removal can save the important life of a tree.

Construction or renovation: While constructing a building or renovating a property, if a tree comes in between, then it can be safely removed by a certified arborist service in Mumbai and planted elsewhere so that it doesn’t cause hindrance to your project and also the life of the tree is saved. 

If you are facing any of the above-mentioned problems, then it is wise to get an appointment with an arboriculture expert as an arborist in Mumbai can help you decide whether tree removal is essential or not. Furthermore, a certified tree arborist agency in Mumbai technically handles the task of tree transplantation by removing an unwanted but healthy tree safely from its native location and then planting the removed tree at an apt location. Thus, hiring services of an arboriculture consultancy in Mumbai is worthy to remove, plant and save a tree.

Give Your Tree a Longer and Healthier Life by Planting it the Right Way

Planting a tree is an art that requires professional skill and knowledge to do it the right way. Many gardeners and people who plant trees lack the knowledge of planting the trees the right way as evident by incorrectly planted trees around us. Only a correctly planted tree is expected to have a longer and healthier life as an appropriate way of planting the tree ensures strength to the tree roots. You may buy trees from wholesale or retail nurseries but understanding the right way to plant it from an astute professional like tree arborist in Mumbai is important. An arboriculture consultancy in Mumbai can righteously guide a layman on how to plant a tree, about safe tree retention and protection strategies, tree transplantation, tree pruning techniques, and similar other plant health care services. Here we have listed a few steps which should be taken care while planting a tree at home or elsewhere:

  • For planting a tree, water it one day before the day of planting to make sure that the roots absorb sufficient water.
  • Thoroughly clean the root ball by removing wires, burlap, pots, etc. It is essential to remove the wires and burlap irrespective of what people around say because if not removed, these things can act as an obstruction in the proper root development. Wires may take 100 years to rust completely and burlap is also synthetic these days, so if they are left with the tree roots, they can cause early death of your tree. You can also hire a certified arborist in Mumbai to help you do the job efficiently.
  • Remove the nursery soil to make the root flare (the point where the roots meet the trunk) visible. Removing this soil is necessary because the old soil is different from where you will plant the tree now, the tree will not develop well in the combination of both the soil, it should be allowed to fix its roots in the new type of soil only. You can also use your fingers softly or shake off the tree or wash away the tree trunk and the roots (after dipping the roots in water for a while) to remove the old soil. The task should be done carefully so that the soft roots do not damage. Certified arborist service in Mumbai can also take over the task for you if you want to do it professionally.
  • Circling roots around the root ball makes your tree root-bound and can strangle the tree in future years. Thus, cut the circling roots and set your tree free to gain good height, strength, and health. If you are not sure of how to cut the circling roots then seeking the guidance of tree care experts in Mumbai can be beneficial.
  • Next, dig a hole where you want to plant the tree. The hole can be up to twice the width of the root ball but its depth should not be deeper than the root ball. The depth of the hole should be almost the same size as the root ball so that the root flare is visible on the soil surface when planting is finished. You can also leave some roots exposed but planting the tree too deep will adversely affect the life of the tree instead of giving added strength. 
  • Rest the tree on the undisturbed soil of the hole and fill the hole with the soil you had dugout. Stones from the rocky soil can be kept aside instead of filling them back. Do not stand on the soil because too much soil compaction will prevent root growth.
  • To allow water to stay longer after plantation, you can make a small ridge around the hole. 
  • Most trees do not need a stake, but if you feel that your tree needs one then you can use it. Do not forget to remove it within 1 year, only then your tree can gain good strength.
  • Mulch the tree with wood chips but keep its thickness to a maximum of 3 inches. Also, make sure that the wood chips do not touch the trunk of the tree, else too wet trunk can rot. You can consult an expert on arboriculture in India to guide you appropriately about planting a tree, watering it, tree healthcare consultancy and other tree care solutions

Don’ts to be taken care of while planting a tree:

  • Do not add compost, manure, fertilizers, peat moss, root stimulators at planting time because it is not required.
  • Do not remove any branches or leaves except for broken branches until the third year of planting because these are required by trees as a food source to help in growing roots.
  • Do not mulch the pile in a conical shape.

If you find the task of planting a tree cumbersome or if you want your plant to live a healthy and longer life then ensure its right plantation by hiring services of a certified tree arborist agency in Mumbai.

‘Why, How and When’ of Pruning the Trees

These are the common questions of all the tree owners. All those who have trees in their backyard or the front garden may wonder why should they prune their trees and how often tree pruning techniques should be used? If you love your trees and you take every step to take good care of them, then pruning (also called trimming) them is a must practice. Pruning not only prevents your tree from turning to a gargantuan structure by maintaining its overgrown branches but also adds life and good health to your tree by taking away broken tree limbs. If pruning is not done at regular intervals, then your tree, its broken limbs and debris falling from it can become a problem for the health of your tree, other trees/plants around, your property or for your neighbours. Pruning of a tree is essential chiefly because of the following reasons:

  • Pruning of trees adds aesthetics to your premises. 
  • A structurally pruned tree grows properly and nurtures its leaves, fruits, and flowers magnificently.
  • Pruning can give the desired direction to the tree and facilitates even distribution of weight all over the tree thereby reducing the chances of a tree falling due to excess weight on one side or in case of a storm.
  • By way of pruning, broken branches, dead limbs and shooters are cleared. This clearance of debris prevents waterlogging which could harm the tree’s health by giving shelter to moulds and insects.
  • The threat of fire is reduced after pruning which can otherwise occur because of accumulated dead branches and shooters.

To ensure appropriate pruning of trees, one must be familiar with tree pruning techniques. Here are a few tips that one can keep in mind before pruning their trees.

  • While trimming the branches which are obstructing the growth of the other branches or are crossing over each other, one must prefer to retain U-shaped branches as U-shaped branches are stronger than V-shaped branches.
  • Chopping off too close to branch collar may damage soft tissues and may hinder branch/tree growth or may even cause infection in the tree. 
  • A tree should not be pruned in the first three years of its plantation so that its roots can gain sufficient strength at the new place i.e. the tree should be pruned at the dormant stage and not at the growing stage. 
  • Cutting too much of a branch will take away stored plant nutrients. Remember to trim 2/3rd of the crown area and 1/3rd of the base.

There are many other points which shall be taken care of while pruning a tree. Knowing these tree pruning techniques may not be a layman’s forte. ISA certified arborist in Mumbai may do the job proficiently. If you hire a certified arborist service in Mumbai or any other part of India, you can be rest assured that your tree will be pruned using appropriate tree pruning techniques. Additionally, you can also find other tree health care services at the same arborist in Mumbai. Hire services of an expert on tree arboriculture in India so that you can find all tree-related services under one roof like tree planning consultancy services, plant health care services, safe tree retention and protection strategies, tree pruning techniques, tree transplantation, etc. Besides helping the tree owner to prune the tree, the tree arborist in Mumbai also lets you know about your plant health and gives guidance on when to get the pruning done and how to maintain your tree for giving it a longer and healthier life.

Importance of Hiring a Certified Arborist

Importance of Hiring a Certified ArboristServicing the tree is considered as an easy task by most people and they get confident about managing it on their own. Even those people who do not possess arboriculture training try to maintain the trees all by themselves, maybe because it seems like it is the basic gardening and landscaping work to do. But in reality, there is much more to it and is not as easy as it might seem in the first place. Arboriculture knowledge is really helpful to decide on when is the right time for maintenance and how it should be done.

Trees can be difficult to maintain, especially when they grow long- almost same or higher than the height of the building. Their roots can spread in a much wider area under the ground, which can make things a bit tricky. Taking care of such trees requires help from a certified arborist in India.

The question is why would you want to hire the services from an arboriculture consultancy in India? Why your investment is worth the return? The answer is that the value of trees should not be measured quantitatively but researchers have attempted to do it. The observations are that almost seven percent of the value of the property is determined by the kind of health of the trees in that property. In fact, the overall landscape maintenance can contribute up to 15% to the value of the property. Trees obviously occupies a major share in the whole landscape.

If you are really concerned about appraising the value of the property, you should not think twice before hiring the services of a certified arborist in India. Take this as a long-term investment for housing. The whole planning starts from design of the landscape to making the walkways or drive-ways nice and lively. If these areas are beautifully developed, your property is bound to get the attention even from any passer-by. Therefore, maintenance of the trees is like creating an asset. On the other hand, if tree care solutions are not implemented, then the sight of the property won’t be pleasant at all.

A certified arborist in India receive their certificate only if they meet the requirements by the certifying authority, after receiving mandatory arboriculture training and testing of their skills and abilities.

The certification body in India makes sure that the arborists have adequate knowledge to be able to do the process of planning and development of trees. They also have a list of tree specialists in India and are in contact with the consultancies where these specialists work.

Certified arborist in India knows very well how to manage the trees and how to check the health of the tree. The observation of the roots and leaves requires technical knowledge. When this knowledge is combined with the experience, the results are beneficial for the trees which are a blessing to our lives. There is no good reason for not hiring the services of a certified arborist.

Why Should I Hire Qualified Arborists for Tree Services?

Why Should I Hire Qualified Arborists for Tree ServicesIf this is the question in anybody’s mind, then the answer lies here. Planting a tree and maintaining it wonderfully is not everyone’s cup of tea. Certified arborist in Mumbai can do it with perfection. Once planted, one may do simple pruning jobs of the tree he owns but if anyone wants to shift the tree to a different place or remove a tree then special techniques, experience and expertise are required to do the job appropriately. Besides pruning and tree removal service, one can enjoy many other benefits by hiring certified arborist service in Mumbai such that he can maintain his plantation for aesthetics. Here are some of the reasons which illustrate the importance of hiring a tree arborist company:

  • Pruning: Certainly, an arborist has professional skills and expertise to conduct pruning activities on trees. An arborist can figure out the weak or damaged branches or limbs of a tree or the disease from which a tree might be suffering from. Accordingly, the arborist can give a bespoke solution. Overgrown trees are also given the right direction by an arborist. Without the proper knowledge, pruning can harm a tree instead of benefitting it. So, tests and trials on the tree are not recommended for the sake of the health and life of a tree. It would be best to hire the services of a tree arborist in Mumbai to maintain a tree if one truly loves his beautiful possession.
  • Tree Removal: Tree removal is a big task and is usually done only when a tree is immensely sick and cannot be cured or the tree is posing a danger to the nearby plantation, buildings, people or when the tree is already dead. In either of the case, a tree arborist can give the best solution and can handle the issue with the utmost expertise and care. They are equipped not only with the knowledge but also with the technical equipment required to do the task safely and properly. Additionally, when one will hire an arboriculture consultancy in Mumbai for removing a tree, he can also exercise cleaning services from the same company because tree removal leaves a good amount of debris and cleaning it is itself a big task. 
  • Planting a Tree: It may sound simple, but it is not really so. Assessing which tree is best depending on the soil, location, weather conditions of a place and then planting it in an appropriate way requires the right set of information. Tree planning consultancy services can work it out best and can suggest trees that can survive healthily in the given conditions in addition to gracing your property. Furthermore, if anybody wants to beautify a huge garden, farmhouse, society or any other type of asset with a variety of charming, then hiring an arborist makes sense.
  • Maintaining a Tree: Merely planting a tree doesn’t ensure its healthy life. A tree needs to be nurtured like a child. Tree care experts in Mumbai guide with the amount of water, types of fertilizers, duration of tree’s health check-up and other care measures needed to have flourished green surroundings. He also does the needful as and when required to confirm a healthy and long life of a tree apart from attractive appearance. 
  • Relocating a Tree: Similar to removing a tree, relocating a tree also requires skills, expertise, and equipment which a layman cannot have. An arboriculture consultancy in Mumbai can efficiently do the job for whosoever desires it. 

Realizing the importance of a tree arborist, hire one in your area and rest assured of its health and life.