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Do You Want to Miss Sun Exposure for Your Plants?

Do You Want to Miss Sun Exposure for Your Plants?

It is a treat to watch lush green plants and trees whenever you look around. All those who have planted a tree once in lifetime know that a plant needs a lot of care not only at its young age but also as it grows old. While caring for plants, factors to consider are watering plants in the right proportion, providing necessary nutrients to the soil, trimming of the plant, plant health check by a certified arborist service in Mumbai, etc. Exposure to Sun is another very important factor to consider if you want to take good care of your plant. Ideally, you cannot miss sun exposure for your plant even if it is an indoor plant because plants cannot photosynthesize (cook their food) in the absence of sunlight. However, the requirements of sun exposure of every plant may differ. Some plants are hard to withstand direct sunlight for a prolonged duration. On the other hand, many plant species cannot survive under the scorching sun rays falling on them for a long duration especially at their young age.

You may also have experienced that the tree you planted fondly did not survive for long either due to limited or excessive sun exposure, probably because you were unaware of the plant’s requirements. Tree health care services can guide you on the apt duration of sun exposure for your existing plants. Even when you want to buy new plants seek the advice of tree planning consultancy services in advance because they are the best people to assist you with trees that can survive in the weather conditions of your area. So, they will not let your dream of nurturing plants break due to inappropriate sun exposure.

Categorizing broadly, plants fall under three main categories as per their requirement of sun exposure viz. Some plants require full sun meaning at least six hours of sun exposure every day and the others may do with the partial Sun and partial shade which implies nearly 4-6 hours of sun exposure for the plant. There are full shade plants also available which can manage with two hours of sunlight every day.

To know more about sunlight exposure or to know about your plant health or for species selection and planting advisory, it is the best to hire services of an arboriculture consultancy in Mumbai because they are well trained and equipped in helping you grow healthy indoor and outdoor plants. So, under the guidance of urban tree experts go green, enrich your garden with strong, healthy, fruit and flower bearing plants. Additionally, decor your indoors with plants and add aesthetic and environmental benefits to your indoors.

Watering Plants and Trees: Save or Take Plant's Life

Watering Plants and Trees: Save or Take Plant’s Life

As we all know that water is an essential resource for plants to cook their food, we cannot deny the importance of water in a plant’s life. With appropriate watering, a plant also stays healthy and stress-free. Here, focus on the word ‘appropriate’ is essential because if we will not water a plant appropriately then the plant’s health condition deteriorates and over a period the plant even dies. For watering a plant perfectly not only the amount of water but also the time of watering should be taken care of. For knowing watering requirements in detail of the species grown at your premises, you can seek the advice of plant health care services. Till then, here are some basic general tips which will help you water your plants following which your plants will grow in good condition:

Time of watering: The morning and the evening time of the day are the best to water your plants because most of their water evaporates during the hot afternoons.

Frequency of watering: How frequently you should water your plants in a day i.e. whether you should water it once a day or twice a day or once in two days depends on the size of your plant, weather and soil conditions in which the plant is grown. Your hired arboriculture services in Mumbai can tell you the daily water proportion for every plant in your garden. Besides the advice of a certified arborist in Mumbai, you are the best judge to decide for the time and frequency of watering as every day only you can check the soil condition of the plant. The idea behind watering plants is to keep the soil moist and not soggy. You can also use a garden trowel to a depth of 2 inches to check soil conditions. Dry soil indicates that the plants need water. In winters also, the same way can be adopted for judging the watering requirements of the plant.

The quantity of water: In order to decide on the quantity of water needed to be poured in the soil at one go you can either seek the help of an arboricultural consultancy in Mumbai or decide it by yourself after monitoring the moisture in the soil for a day or two. If you can arrange for drip lines, it would be the best as it will ensure the slow and deep watering of the plant besides evaporating minimal water.

Consistency: in keeping the soil moist by appropriate watering is an essential step in the process of watering a plant.

Remember that newly planted trees need more water because their root establishment process has just begun.  Choosing the right tree species according to weather conditions of your region is also necessary because different

Arborist – A Novel and Unique Profession:

Arborist - Novel Profession in IndiaWho is an Arborist? Have you never heard of this profession? Yes, it is relatively a new profession but an upcoming one. The work of arborists is somewhat similar to the work of a landscape designer or a forester. However, the profession of an arborist has much more. The role of an arborist is to design landscapes by way of species selection and planting advisory.  A certified arborist in Mumbai can help to know about your plant health after inspecting trees vigilantly, just as a doctor diagnoses our diseases. He educates commoners on how to take care of trees and plants according to his customized instructions. Hired arborists also handle training of crown, seasonal sanitation pruning, strengthening of the tree with bracings, wound cleaning, etc. A tree arborist in Mumbai saves trees from various types of threats and ill-health and devises safe tree retention and protection strategies to give a longer and healthier life to a tree.  Furthermore, an established arborist in Mumbai is well versed in tree pruning techniques.

The profession of an arborist is no less than a sport as the arborist often has to climb trees. Thus, an arborist must seek training from an established arboriculture training agency that can groom, train, and equip an individual to become a successful arborist. Some of the arboriculture services in Mumbai also offer training to become a professional arborist.

Being an arborist is not only a profession but a lifestyle of those who love nature.  Only a nature-loving arborist tries hard to save every tree from ill-health, adverse environmental conditions, or social issues, else money-making mindset can drive them to cut the tree. An astute arborist very well understands that a tree is cut only when it is impossible to save it and when it is posing as a danger for other living beings around. The job of the arborist doesn’t end here. His keen love of nature is exhibited by his endeavors to find the root cause due to which a tree had to be cut. A true arborist examines soil condition, root condition, cause of death of a tree, and other tree survey compliant aspects and shares them with the property owners so that other trees in the area can be saved.

If you are looking forward to pursuing the career of an arborist then you may find only limited options even in established universities. So, combining your degree with the experience of an existing certified arborist service in Mumbai could be great for your career. You can find an arboricultural consultancy in India offering such training to the freshers.


Determine The Right Spot for Your Tree

Determine The Right Spot for Your Tree!

Every tree has its requirements. We may spend a lot of time in choosing a pleasing tree. Our choices are often driven by the beauty of tree but we forget to consider the conditions which are best for a tree to grow and survive. If we want to ensure good health and long life of our tree then there are certain things we should keep in the mind while choosing the right spot for planting our tree, some of which are listed below:

  • As we know all plants and trees requires specific kind of climate and soil. Also, overall atmosphere effects the growth of the tree. So, we should only select the species which can grow in available location and weather conditions. Tree planning consultancy services give worthy species selection and planting advisory.
  • Foremost, with the help of an arboriculture consultancy in Mumbai, we should find a spot in our premises for planting a tree such that it receives sunlight at least for six hours in a day along with considering the amount of shade it gets from nearby structures and trees.
  • Next essential factor is to consider the drainage and water logging near the tree. Depending on the moisture requirement of a given species and drainage and water conditions available at the premises under consideration, we can decide on a place for that species on the premises. For this also, a certified tree arborist agency in Mumbai can guide us using their skills, experience and techniques.
  • Hardness of soil is one of the most crucial aspects for a tree to grow healthy. Soil test from a tree healthcare consultancy is always beneficial in determining soil chemistry at a given spot. An arborist in Mumbai also educates users about what kind of amendments will be needed for healthy growth of a tree.
  • One may also have to keep in mind about the BMC tree permission which is required if the tree is planted beneath power lines. Such trees would require regular trimming and may also need pruning if overgrown. Tree risk assessment report can be prepared by a certified arborist in Mumbai as it may be needed to submit to BMC for seeking permission of growing trees at crucial spots. As trees are equally or even more spread out below the ground, we should also consider what is there under the ground before planting a tree. Furthermore, trees require more space than you can imagine so always consider sidewalk, powerlines, underground plumbing and drainage. Ask your agriculture consultant in advance about the height at maturity and horizontal spread size of a given tree before approaching BMC for permission.
  • Falling leaves and fruits should also be considered while finding the perfect location for planting a tree so that mess can be avoided in the future around the areas of trees.

Foresight and an expert advice from tree planning agency will always help you to avoid problem and challenges related to planting, growth and health of trees in the present as well as in the future.


Give your Garden a Trendy Appearance in 2020

Give your Garden a Trendy Appearance in 2020All over the world, more and more people are shifting their interest in gardening, either for growing organic food or for nourishing their love for gardening. In either case, certainly, you must be spending a lot of time in creating something new in your garden. This way you are not only giving back to nature but also enhancing the looks of your garden. However, during our busy routines, it gets difficult to take out time to maintain our gardens. So, either you can hire arboriculture services in Mumbai to maintain your garden or you can have a low maintenance garden so that you can maintain it on your own. To give your garden a unique appearance in 2020 without spending too much money, time, water and other resources, you can follow the given tips:

Plants requiring minimal water: You can decorate your garden with the plants that barely need water. This way you can enjoy the benefits of greenery without spending much effort on the up keeping of the plants. Easy to grow plants like several herbs, lavender seeds, etc. can be planted in your garden for having low maintenance. A tree planning and development agency can guide you in choosing such plants.

Go for Colors: Multi-color plantation gives your garden an attractive appearance. Even if numerous people around you follow the same trend of having a colorful garden, you can change the look of your garden from that of your neighbors. For the purpose, you just have to grow plants with leaves of different colors or plants which bear distinguished colored flowers/fruits/vegetables in your garden. Bright colors like red, orange, blue, yellows are in as they catch the eyes of every passerby. You can easily find plants of such colors on your own or can seek the help of a certified arborist service in Mumbai.

Raw look: You can creatively give a raw look to your garden by adding rocks, twigs, and sticks. Such decoration will not pinch your pocket either. 

Indoor growing: It is especially popular in urban cities, where due to lack of space people have to manage indoors only to pursue their gardening hobby. Climate concerns of the urban cities are another force that drives people to limit their plants indoors only. Since you have to infuse your small garden in your home (maybe limited to your window sill), the choice of plants should be done accordingly. You can also purchase some of the available systems that ensure enough light and water for your indoor plants within the limited space. Your hired certified arborist in Mumbai can help you select one such system so that you can make best use of available space and grow more plants in the limited space.

10 Plants in Vogue in the Year 2020

10 Plants in Vogue in the Year 2020When you are on the lookout of gracing your property with plants, tree planning consultancy services are the right contact to guide you for species selection and planting advisory. Meanwhile, you approach a tree development consultancy in Mumbai, here we have some information regarding the trending plant choices in the year 2020.

In the year 2020, the choice of indoor and outdoor plants is chiefly affected by the shift in the consciousness of the people towards the environment. Some of the popular types of plants which are best for decorating your premises this year are:

  1. Wildlife attracting plants: Many plants attract bees, butterflies, and similar other wildlife. Such plants are being preferred in 2020 because these species help in pollination and thus become a cause of multiplying the plants without much effort. More plants mean pacing up the steps towards green Earth. 
  2. Native plants: The plants that naturally occur in your area are called native plants. The recent trend is to have native plants on your premises. Such plants beautify properties at their best because they can grow well and survive for long in the environmental conditions of the area to which they belong.
  3. Small Species: People in urban cities usually face a problem of lack of space. They try to fit every luxury and necessity in limited space. Arranging dwarf plant varieties on their premises is one such step. It allows them to relish the natural beauty of the plants without wasting much space.
  4. Organic food-bearing plants: Globally, the trend is not only being conscious about the environment but also being health conscious for achieving which people plant food-bearing plants in their premises. Plants bearing fruits, vegetables or edible flowers can be planted this year depending on individual choices. These plants have a double benefit, one is adding aesthetic value and the other is providing organic food.
  5. Moving back in time: Since people are becoming more environment-friendly day by day, they are adopting the practice re-wilding their gardens and trying to establish an untouched landscape. Re-wilding gardens mean to reduce the use of pesticides, herbicides, and tree pruning techniques. Planting more of native species and encouraging beneficial insects are other steps in the process of re-wilding gardens. 
  6. Succulents: Succulents and cacti have become the choice of the people either because of their low maintenance or artistic growth patterns.
  7. Floral Plants: Plants which feature both flowers and foliage have always been popular and so they cannot be missed this year too.
  8. Uniqueness is attractive: Many consumers prefer unique over common. To stand out of the line, consumers prefer dark plants i.e. the plants which have red, purple or black leaves, for example, Black Raven, Black Diamond or red Aglaonema. This novel touch eliminates the monotony of green as experienced by many consumers. 
  9. Greens: Even though many consumers prefer unique, greens will never go out of fashion. Grow leafy greens to follow the trend this year.
  10. User-friendly plants: Plants that are user-friendly even at the time of natural disasters are preferred because people take every step cautiously for efficiently handling any unseen and unexpected challenge. Trees are the second choice of residential owners as trees can damage property or men if planted around the residential premises.