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Common Mistakes While Taking Care of Trees

Common Mistakes While Taking Care of TreesTrees are a blessing for human life and thus it is our social responsibility to take care of trees as we do for our children. Many of us are well aware of taking care of trees we have planted in our homes. However, most of us tend to overlook the trees planted in a commercial property. Even the owners of the commercial property neglect to take regular care of the trees planted at the commercial property with the belief that they will grow healthily on their own once planted. Though, the real scenario is a bit different. Most of the trees at commercial properties need care and attention from us and thus we should gear ourselves for it. We can also seek guidance from tree care experts in Mumbai for the purpose. Start with eliminating some of the common mistakes which we commit while planting trees or taking care of trees on the commercial property, some of such mistakes are mentioned below:

  • Mulch Clearance: Usually, it is seen that the mulch piled up around the trunk of the tree is much more than required. It is essential to maintain 4-5 inches of mulch only because it will sufficiently maintain soil temperature and will conserve water. Excessive mulch hinders the growth and health of the tree. You can get the health of the tree assessed by hiring plant health care services. Furthermore, excessive mulch or an unhealthy tree decreases the aesthetic value of the commercial property because this mulch base appears like an anthill mountain with roots coming out. So, for maintaining trees and for adding aesthetic value to the property, it is advised to hire tree planning consultancy services.
  • The Right Depth of the hole for planting the tree: Digging a too deep hole or a too shallow one adversely affects the growth and the life of the tree. Just the right depth is essential so that the tree gets enough warmth, water, and nutrients from the soil. This will enable the tree to grow healthily and speedily. A certified arborist in Mumbai can skillfully guide you about the depth of the tree you want to plant on your commercial property. 
  • Damage from machines: Trees on the commercial property face a threat of damage from landscaping crews operating on the property. Top consultancy for landscape can help to protect trees from such damage as they know how to handle machines such that they do not damage the roots or the base of the tree. 2-3 feet high mulch around the tree can protect the tree from damage from machines and other equipment. 
  • On a commercial property, if a tree is posing an obstruction, it needs to be transplanted elsewhere. Tree transplantation, if not done appropriately, can take a toll on the life of the tree. Thus, whenever you need tree transplantation on your property, get appointment with arboriculture expert who is well versed in tree pruning techniques.

Besides doing the above jobs, the arboricultural consultancy in India will also guide you on how to change your faulty practices for taking care of a tree, how to water trees on commercial property and how to take their complete care. Show your love to trees on the commercial property around you, hire a tree arborist in Mumbai and add on to the lives of the trees. 

The Latest Gardening Trends for 2020

The Latest Gardening Trends for 2020

A well-maintained garden adds aesthetic value to your premises and also lay a good impression on the visitors. Besides, it is a pleasure for everyone to spend a relaxing time amidst the fresh air of the garden. Gardening is a passion for the people who love nature or who are fond of organic farming in their garden. For a few others, gardening is a profession. When passion and profession join hands together, they result in an appreciable garden that glues the eyes of every passerby.  Here is a list of a few gardening trends which are expected to become popular worldwide in the year 2020 following which you can make your garden a valuable possession which others will envy:

Go Organic: Growing fruits and vegetables in the gardens to have organic food and to reduce carbon footprint is the latest trend one shall adopt for his spacious garden. Eating fruits and vegetables grown in own garden is a relishing experience in addition to having nutritious food (which is free from contaminations and synthetic applications). Also, you can add on to your gardening skills while planting and maintaining fruit and vegetable plants/trees. You can seek the advice of tree arborist in Mumbai about which fruits and vegetables will best survive in your garden. A certified arborist in Mumbai will assess soil conditions, weather, and other pre-requisites and will suggest apt solutions for your garden.

Vertical Gardening: If your garden is of a smaller size or even otherwise when you want to make use of every inch of your big garden then vertical gardening is the right choice because it allows increasing the productivity of your garden. 

Serving for Natural Habitat: Check with a tree development consultancy in Mumbai and ask for which natural habitats can successfully grace your garden. Wildflowers and plants can be grown in your garden to make it unique and attractive for a variety of wildlife (like migratory birds or local birds). The chirping of birds on the lush green plants and trees of your garden will add joy to your gardening experience. 

Pest control in Organic Way: Pest control is unavoidable while maintaining your garden but traditional pest control practices harm plants, crops, and soil. So, instead of choosing harmful chemicals it is advisable to go for natural alternatives for controlling pests in your garden. An arboricultural consultancy in India can facilitate organic pest control products and ways to you.

Knowledge of Soil: If you love gardening, you need to understand the importance of soil for planting different types of trees and plants. The type of soil in your garden can affect the life and health of your plant so maintaining appropriate nutrients in the soil is essential. You can maintain the required nutrients only if you are aware of the current condition of your soil. A certified arborist service in Mumbai can assess the current soil condition for you when you get an appointment with an arboriculture expert. Follow the trend, hire an arboriculture consultancy in Mumbai and educate yourself about the soil of your garden and plant health care measures.

How to Observe Dangerous Trees? What are the Tips to Avoid Them?

How to Observe Dangerous Trees What are the Tips to Avoid ThemTrees are a great blessing for us as they give us shade from the heat, oxygen, wood, food, rubber, medicinal resources and much more. It is hard to believe that trees can be dangerous for us and honestly speaking human beings are a greater danger to trees as many of us do not take care of trees around us. Our careless approach or our faulty practices can make a tree dangerous for us. Sometimes, natural factors can also lead to a dangerous tree. Whether a tree is dangerous or not, can be righteously assessed by an arboricultural consultancy in India. When exactly a tree around you needs an appointment with certified arboriculture expert can be figured out by looking for following things in a tree:

The overall appearance of the tree: The overall appearance of the tree instantly tells that a tree under consideration could be dangerous. For instance, if a tree leaning in leaning one direction, it may fall due to adverse weather conditions or earthquakes or other human activities. Similarly, just by looking at the tree you can find that its branches are dried and falling down which means that the tree is now dangerous and can cause harm to men and material around unless safe tree retention and protection strategies or tree pruning techniques are not adopted on time as per the case demands.

Canopy: Too dense canopy or too thin canopy, both are not good signs for your tree. Dense canopy bars your tree to get sufficient sunlight leading to decaying of the tree. Whereas thin canopy signals that the tree is not able to retain its leaves or grow fresh leaves thus the tree is unhealthy or dying. 

Trunk: Holes and cracks in tree trunk indicate that the tree is prone to fall and thus a danger for life and property around it. When you will call for a tree arborist in Mumbai, he will confirm you about the status of a tree by checking the bark of the tree, a falling bark is a clear symptom of an infected tree or a dead tree.

Roots of the tree: Both the absorbing roots and anchoring roots indicate in their own way about the health condition of the tree. A layman may find it difficult to differentiate in the roots of a healthy and unhealthy tree but merely by looking at the tree root, a certified arborist in Mumbai will immediately assess if the roots are decaying or suffering from fungal infection or dying.

So, if you find any of the above issues in your tree then rush to find a contact of certified arborist. For seeking a perfect solution, try to hire an arboriculture consultancy in Mumbai which offers all types of tree care solutions including tree planning consultancy services, tree health care services, assessing a dangerous tree and preparing reports for pruning and removal applications for the tree.

Found a Hazardous Tree? Contact Urban Tree Experts for its Removal

A tree is termed as hazardous when it can pose danger to men and materials around them. This danger could be minor injuries, damage to property or even death of living beings around the hazardous tree. A tree becomes dangerous because of the defects in it which leads to its breakage or fall. In the event of the fall, the broken limbs, fallen branches or tree trunk can hurt men, animals, and materials around causing loss of life and property. To avoid such losses, it is very essential to identify a hazardous tree in your near vicinity or within your property. You may avoid a hazardous tree in the jungle but avoiding one in the city is not a wise idea. Spot a hazardous tree soon and hire a tree arborist in Mumbai to guide you on how to proceed. For identifying a hazardous tree, the following points can help you:
• Branches: If the branches of a tree fall in minor wind or storm or if the branches can be easily broken then it is a sign of a hazardous tree.
• Dead tree: Merely the sight of the tree will itself tell you that the tree is dead. It may appear black-brown, dull and bare (without leaves). The decaying trunk is also indicative of a dead tree.
• Forked trunks: If the tree trunk is bifurcated into two similar branches it is called forked trunk. Forked trunks will produce a hazardous tree especially when the fork is growing sideways or when it is narrow as narrow forks are prone to infections.
• Root decay signs: Growing mushrooms and too many insects on the tree are signs of decaying root. If you find them, immediately get appointment with arboriculture expert to seek the right advice.
• Leaves: A tree that does not bear dense canopy and new fresh leaves may be dying and thus can prove to be hazardous if not saved in time.
If you are still doubtful about a particular tree around you that whether it is hazardous or not then call for a certified arborist in Mumbai. A tree arborist in Mumbai can skillfully identify a hazardous tree and will brief you about tree pruning techniques as may be required to apply on the tree. The arboriculture consultancy in Mumbai can do the task for you. It is essential not to try tree removal on your own because it is a big task and needs special knowledge, tools, and expertise which only a certified arborist service in Mumbai can offer. The plant health care services remove only the dead and hazardous trees and if a tree can be saved then the tree health care services will guide you for safe tree retention and protection strategies following which you may be able to save an unhealthy tree. Thus, to save yourself from a hazardous tree or to save an unhealthy tree, it is best to take the advice of tree care experts in Mumbai.

The necessity of Tree Survey Reports:

If you are developing a property for commercial use or personal use, a lot of pre-planning is required for various aspects involved in the development of the property. Whether your project is a large-scale or small-scale project, the basic pre-requisites for both of them are common. A tree survey report by a certified arborist service in Mumbai or elsewhere is one such pre-requisite that every developer must undertake on the property to be developed. Not only the properties which are being developed from scratch need the survey but also the alteration/rebuilding projects need the survey. Survey reports on trees in planning and development of a small scale or large-scale housing or commercial projects are very essential. Listed below are some of the reasons which make survey reports by tree planning consultancy services important for any project:

  • Legal obligation: If there are any protected trees on the property to be developed, the developer is likely to be unaware of it. If he will not take a tree survey by a certified arborist in Mumbai or elsewhere, he will not be able to know about the protected trees. If any damage is caused to a protected tree then it can bring heavy fines or legal punishment to the developer by the planning authorities. Thus, to avoid any legal offense it is wise to take a tree survey by an arborist in Mumbai and be aware of the status of every tree in your property. 
  • Knowledge of trees on the property: A comprehensive tree survey report prepared by an arboriculture consultancy in India tells the developer in detail about the various trees available on his property. This will give him a clear picture of the health and location of every tree which will help him to plan for the wanted and unwanted trees on his property. He may have to take safe tree retention and protection strategies for unhealthy but wanted a tree. Reports for pruning and removal applications will help him figure out which trees can pose a hindrance to his project and need to be removed for planting elsewhere. Timely assessment of trees to be shifted or unhealthy trees to be removed will ensure immediate action by the developer so that later the project can smoothly run without any hindrance due to the trees. 
  • Saves resources: If the developer takes the tree survey in advance, he can furnish his complete application to the planning authorities. Had he not taken the survey, the planning authorities may ask the developer to conduct a survey and furnish the tree survey compliant report to them. The process will then waste developer’s time and money as the developer will have to hold his project in the latter case. So, it is advisable to prepare in advance for every required document and save the project’s cost and time.

The developer can hire a tree company in Mumbai for preparing tree survey report for the property to be developed and later the same arborist in Mumbai can also offer species selection and planting advisory to beautify the property after developing it.

Reasons for Hiring Tree Services for Your Premises

Reasons for Hiring Tree Services for Your PremisesTree planning consultancy services and plant health care services are required by the owners of the commercial properties as well as the residential properties. If you have a question in mind that why should you hire such tree services then here is the information for you after going through which you will also agree to the necessity of hiring an arboriculture consultancy in India for every developed property or under construction/renovation property.

Add Aesthetic Value: An arboriculture consultancy in Mumbai adds aesthetic value to your premises by planting relevant trees. The type of tree/plant, their size, leaves patterns, flowering time, etc. everything is well known to a certified arborist in Mumbai and thus he can beautify a commercial or residential property more than a layman or a gardener can do. Also, the arborist in Mumbai can take care of trees at the property regularly to maintain neatness by trimming plants and trees as and when required, removing rodents or pests, and cleaning the falling leaves or branches of the tree. Such services of a tree company in Mumbai add beauty to your property and increase the property value. The urban tree experts pro-actively take care to plant a tree at locations where it does not pose any hindrance to the development of property or the visitors at the property ever in tree’s life.

Tree Care Guidance: You being the property owner can know about your plant health by making an appointment with certified arborist service in Mumbai. While offering plant health care services, the certified arborist in Mumbai will guide you at every step on how to take care of your trees and plants so that they can live long healthily. Not only they guide, but they can do the task efficiently on your behalf. Furthermore, if any plant/tree is suffering from any kind of infection/illness then the arborist in Mumbai will suggest the appropriate measures that should be taken for the sake of good health of the tree.

Handling of Trees: A tree arborist in Mumbai has a professional eye to identify and assess the requirements of every tree. They are well versed with safe tree retention and protection strategies for falling trees, decaying trees, dying trees and heritage trees. Their tree pruning techniques prove very useful if any tree needs to be removed. The ISA certified arborist in Mumbai pays equal attention to young trees so that they grow healthily, thereby making their services essential for every property.

Contribution to Nature: A tree arborist in Mumbai and other parts of the world help you to contribute to nature by planning for planting various types of trees in your property. Since an arborist in Mumbai is experienced and skilled in the field, he can righteously help you with species selection and planting advisory so that the planted trees survive for long in the environmental and soil conditions at your property.