Tree Doctor


Do you need someone who can look after your trees and even treat sick or dying trees? A tree doctor is the one you should call for the same. If you are in Mumbai or Delhi in India, it is utterly easy for you to get someone who will do the same. Otherwise known as an ‘Arborist’, tree surgeon, or arboriculturist, is a person who is a professional in the field of arboriculture.

An arborist focuses on the safety and health of individual trees and plants, rather than focusing on an entire forest area. They are different from the ones who harvest woods or are loggers. They keenly study the cultivation and management of various vines, shrubs, herbs, and other perennial woody plants as a part of their horticulture and dendrology practice. Tree care Mumbai is attainable.

When should you call a tree doctor?
Certain factors put a negative impact on your plants or trees. These problems will tell you when your tree needs to be checked by an arborist, such as-
● Leaves are falling off earlier than the expectations of a season
● The forming barks are split, peeling, cracked, or have bumps
● Leaves are not appearing even past the usual time
● Fungus is growing around the trunk
● Mushrooms are growing around the tree’s twigs or the roots
● The leaves are discolored, have odd nodules, or are not gaining veins
● There are dead branches on the top of the tree
● There is a growth of multiple trunks
● Roots are broken or encircled
● The wood seems decayed

A tree doctor Mumbai will conduct various tests on the trees to determine the reason behind these factors to set the right course of action. He may perform oil analysis, test the soil alkalinity or acidity, soil amendment or fertilizers, etc. A tree is fundamentally like a breathing person who needs to be taken care of precisely. It is important to maintain a healthy tree and avoid such problems.

An arborist will make sure that the least damage is done to the tree while curing it. Although, sometimes many trees tend to lose their livelihood and have no saving grace left. They need to be uprooted or planted elsewhere. Yes, it may seem a little odd to do so but it is rather for the trees’ betterment. Tree Care Mumbai is what this is about- the best solution to the problems disturbing a tree’s life.

Treecotech is where you will get the best doctors for your trees. A tree doctor Mumbai will help you profoundly and make sure that tests are performed very safely. We are dedicated to bringing a positive change to the existing trees growing around the parts of Mumbai as well as Delhi. We even assist with the planning and management of new trees. We have a qualified team of professionally certified arborists who have worked tremendously in this field. They aref ocused on letting you protect your trees in the best way possible.

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