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The Dangers During Tree Removal

Tree care is extremely important for the health and safety of the tree as well as the people and the property that is around. Tree pruning and removal are things that require knowledge of how trees work, dangerous tools, techniques and a whole lot more.
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Tree Removal Dangers
In this section, we will look at some of the things to keep in mind when tree pruning and the removal of a tree is involved, and why homeowners should never attempt doing this on their own and should always hire an arborist.
Power Lines.
Doing any work near power lines is extremely dangerous, even more so when trees are involved. You should always assume that the wires are live when you’re working so that there are no unexpected surprises.
If the tree, tools, or the homeowner hits the power line, the result could range from knocking out the power in the whole area to electrocution. While many believe that the black coating on lines is insulation, it is, in fact, for weather-proofing and the chances of getting electrocuted through that are high.

Decaying Wood
A tree that is dying or is already dead is probably also decaying from the inside out. This is something that will make the trees unstable. Even professionals often use a crane to get such a tree removed.
If you think that there are signs of decay on your tree, it is best to immediately call a professional before the tree falls without any warning and someone gets hurt.
– Improper Equipment
Arborists wear protective headgear when it comes to tree removal as tools are involved. They are trained to use equipment like wood chippers, ropes, chain saws, and ropes to safely remove and also dispose of a tree.

A homeowner would need all this equipment along with the expertise and experience to safely
remove a tree.
– Gravity
Gravity may not seem like a major problem, but it is. It is important to understand that once a tree begins to fall, there is no way to control where or how it will fall. The tree also may not fall the way you intended it even if you tried to guide it with ropes or indentations that were carefully cut.
Poor judgement or a lapse of judgement can result in the tree or its limbs falling over people, homes, or even power lines, causing even greater harm.
As mentioned, the best pruning techniques Mumbai can be had by hiring arborists from Treecotech if you’re based in Mumbai or Delhi. Hiring a professional means that you avoid all the dangers involved in removing a tree so the tree can be pruned or taken down with utmost safety.
This way, you are preserving the safety of the trees that are around, as well as the people and the property around. Always hire an arborist so you can get professional and safe services.


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