We understand the urgency to address the issue of global warming and climate change. Treecotech is dedicated towards bringing about a positive change in management of existing and future trees. With the help of our certified arborist and qualified team, we offer effective tree care services based on International norms and practices. Every service we provide is distinctive to the developmental need of individual client and is devised on the basic principle of maintaining balance between environment and urban upgradation.

Trees in Planning & Development
  • Tree Inventory using GIS/GPS/LIDAR technology
  • Arboriculture Impact Assessment
  • Feasibility studies for Tree transplantation, Removal & Retention
  • Safe Tree Retention & Protection Strategies
  • Tree Inventory Certificate and Reports for Pruning & Removal applications
  • Performance Specifications for Tree Transplanting, Pruning & Removal
  • Project Monitoring for Tree Transplantation, Pruning, Retention & Removal
  • Species selection and Planting advisory
Tree Health Care
  • Tree Risk Assessment / Condition surveys
  • Tree Decay detection
  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree rejuvenation
  • Heritage Tree Assessment
Arboriculture Training
  • Health and safety in Arboriculture
  • Safe Climbing and Working in Trees
  • Tree Pruning Techniques