Any infrastructure construction projects usually consist of five phases: planning, design, pre-construction, construction and post-construction. The fate of trees on the site can be affected during all of these phases. Unfortunately, tree management is often not brought into the development process until construction and post-construction phases. Based on our modern alternative we encourage developers to work with an arborist early in the process that will result in higher levels of tree survival, usually at a lower cost.

It is necessary to carry out detailed tree inventory and locate individual trees on the site plan with the help of an arborist. Tree location should be considered in relation to above and below-ground activities, current and proposed structures and future site use activities. Location also applies to the root system and canopy spread. Based on this, any construction conflicts with trees can be identified and important decision of retaining or removal of trees can be made. There is also a good chance to consider modifying the building design in order to accommodate maximum number of trees in the project


We provide tree management expertise for infrastructure projects as per following process:


  • Carry out Tree (Arboriculture) Impact Assessment - including assessment of species, structural / physiological condition of the tree, root protection zone, design conflicts etc.

  • Identify trees to be retained, transplant, cut (detailed tree-by-tree technical due diligence and arboricultural studies is highly recommended)

  • Prepare detailed tree-by-tree action plan (not just categorisation) and performance specifications for felling, retaining or transplanting

  • Prepare application and assist in acquiring necessary permissions from local authority for tree removal

  • Hiring of qualified, capable contractors for execution of tree works Execution:

  • Precision based execution of tree transplantation works with international standards for maximum success

  • Maintenance and after care 3 years minimum

  • Restoration of green spaces at project site

Contact our team of arboriculture experts now to ensure appropriate trees are saved and necessary trees are transplanted for minimising the impact of construction on trees.