Tree Plantation

Understanding the Process of Tree Planting Activity

Understanding the Process of Tree Planting Activity

Tree planting is extremely important, especially after understanding the importance of trees. The importance ranges from soil health to the very oxygen that we breathe and even for aesthetic value for a property. However, if you’re looking at tree plantation, it is important to do it right to avoid damage to the tree, or you can just hire an arborist to do it for you.
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Tree Planting
Let’s look at the steps involved in tree plantation.
1. Soak
It is important to soak the tree and to make sure that the root ball is soaked, as well as it can reject water from the soil around if it is dry. You could even add a seaweed product to the water to help avoid transplant shock and also to help root growth.
2. Dig
The hole that you dig should be at least twice the size of the root ball of the tree you want to plant. Depth is more important than width here, so be sure that the hole can cover the roots completely. Digging a bigger and deeper hole is always better, but it doesn’t have to be too big.
3. Improve
Improving the soil is important to ensure long-term survival. You can add gypsum in clay soils to improve soil drainage and structure and even compost that is well-rotted so that there is organic matter. Compost is best for sandy soils as it helps in holding moisture. A good fertiliser, on the other hand, is good for all types of soils, like a slow-release fertiliser that has a microbial coating or even something like bone and blood.
4. Decant
Take the plant out of the pot in such a manner that the roots remain as intact as is possible. In healthy stock, root disturbance can end up causing shock. You could tease out the bottom if the roots have poor structure or if the plant is pot-bound.
5. Plant

Now you can place the plant in the hole that you dug and make sure to back-fill it up with soil, so the roots are covered. The soil around needs to be firm with a well on the top so that the water from the rain or any other source is caught above the roots.
6. Water
Lastly, you need to water the plant, so you make sure that the roots are getting good contact with the soil and that the soil is settling around the plant. It also gives the plant the first drink that is helpful if the soil is dry, and even if it is damp, it gives deeper moisture.

Understanding how to plant a tree is as essential as understanding the importance of trees. That is why, as mentioned, we recommend Treecotech if you want to hire professional services to ensure that the tree grows healthy and also for long-term survival.


Understanding the Purpose of Arboriculture

Understanding the Purpose of Arboriculture

You may have heard of the term tree doctor or a tree surgeon. The proper term for them is an arborist. These are professionals in the field of arboriculture that is all about the study, management as well as study of individual trees, plants, vines and shrubs. Many people hire the services of a tree doctor for planting as well as for the health and safety of the trees. In this article, we will look at what arboriculture is and why it is important.
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As addressed earlier, arboriculture focuses on managing and cultivating individual shrubs, plants, and trees. So, a tree doctor helps with advice for handling and taking care of them. They do not focus on managing forests as a whole, and their work is distinct from that of a forester and a logger. This is a practice that, however, does come under urban forestry.
A tree doctor or an arborist is involved in things like removal, shaping, pruning, pest and pathogen control, fertilisation, training, planting, and selection of trees. Their services are for private properties, institutions, cities, etc., for the benefit, protection, and enjoyment of all people around.
A tree surgeon is a person who is trained in maintaining and manipulating the physical appearance of the tree. They also handle aesthetic considerations, legal issues, as well as risk management in this field as well. They are often hired to do tree risk assessments or tree hazard surveys by businesses to also manage the trees on-site to make sure that all safety and health obligations.
Arboriculture Training
One cannot be an arborist without training and qualification. Arboriculture training is of the utmost importance when it comes to entering this field. While a degree may not be of utmost importance, it is necessary for certain courses in this field. The highest recognized certification is the ACP course given by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).


Tree doctors are hired to help in planting and cultivation of trees at the properties. They also give advice on how to identify a diseased tree, how to take care of it, as well as how to prevent it from happening.
They also handle pruning and removal of trees, and this is something that only tree doctors should be doing. This is because pruning and removal can be extremely dangerous, and people can be severely injured as the tools required are power tools.
Tree doctors can help you maintain the health and safety of the trees, property, as well as people around while also being considerate of any power lines.
We hope that this article has helped you understand the importance of an arborist and the field that they work in. If you have trees in your property that need care, we recommend hiring a tree doctor. And as mentioned, we recommend Treecotech for this.

Tree Surgeon

Who is a Tree Surgeon?

Who is a Tree Surgeon?

Tree surgeon is an interesting term, and it actually means a tree doctor or an arborist. An arborist is a professional in the field of arboriculture who focuses on the health and safety of trees, plants, and shrubs. Their work is distinct and requires certification. You may want to hire an arborist if you want to take care of the trees on your property and even if you want them to be removed.
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An arborist, or a tree doctor, as we mentioned before, is a professional in the field of arboriculture. This field is all about the study, management, as well as cultivation of individual vines, shrubs, plants, trees along with other woody plants in horticulture and dendrology. They focus on the health and safety of these trees and plants, and this is centred on individual plants and not forests. This means that an arborist’s work is distinct and very different from a
logger or a forester.

What Does an Arborist Do?
Proper tree care is an investment both for the value of the property that it is in, as well as for safety purposes. If trees are not maintained properly, they can be a liability, and it is important to note that removing and pruning large trees is dangerous work. While many people work around trees, arborists are the ones who are actually qualified and certified in every aspect of tree care and maintenance.
The arborists offer advice on how you can take care of trees and ensure a result that is not only safe but also aesthetic. They consider the surroundings around the tree, where they are positioned, as well as how to maximise their health and safety. They are also very knowledgeable about the different types of trees that there are, so they would know how each one will react to the different kinds of pruning that they could do.
Arborists look at trees from all angles to make sure that anything they do won’t end up jeopardising the safety of either the people, the property, or the tree itself. They also take care of regrowth, so the tree goes healthy and strong while not needing frequent maintenance. They can also help you select and plant trees that are suited for the given environment so that the trees grow well.
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The study of trees and plants is known as arboriculture. The one who studies this field is called an arborist. This study is all about the knowledge of cultivation and nurture of the woody vegetation and trees. Or simply it could be placed in this way- it is the management, cultivation, and study of vines, shrubs, herbs, perennial woody plants, and trees. Unlike the related field of plant studies including agriculture, forestry, urban forestry, silviculture, and dendrology, the science of arboriculture training consists of the welfare of a large group of plants as the major
It is a cultural practice opted by the lovers of nature who want to save the trees. This study purely concentrates on letting a person gain knowledge about how a plant grows and responds to the environment surrounding it. And in return, how that plant needs to be nurtured. There are many management techniques that a person under this training learns. This practice extends its study in nature with cultural techniques as simple as selection of the right plants and planting them to training, pathogen and pest control, tree trimming or shaping, and pruning.
The modern practices of arboriculture training include-
● Tree risk assessment with various tests
● Pruning of trees
● Fertilizing
● Insect and disease management
● Cabling and bracing
● Lightning protection
● Root pruning
● Learning about tree inventory using the satellite technology
● Growth regulation
● Seasonal care

An arborist is introduced to the urban development areas such as gardens, playgrounds, parks, streets, and other populated urban settings. They discover how to take care of trees in a way that increases the value of the tree in the environment and as well as provides for the human. Property owners and new projects ask for the guidance of a tree doctor to protect their trees, learn about new future plantations, seek tree disease treatment, and so on. Arboriculture focuses on individual woody trees and plants in the area of the permanent landscape. Usually,
in parks, gardens, or populated settings, an arborist looks out for the trees serving amenity purposes as well for protection, enjoyment, and benefits of human beings. In this particular study of plants, legal issues, aesthetic considerations, and risk management have come out serving as prominent roles.

Taking care of trees properly is essential for a property owner. Sometimes decaying or mistreated trees become a liability and decrease the overall value of a property. For the owners, they are then considered an impending expense. Removal or pruning of trees can be a dangerous job and thus is needed to be handled by a professional. Every disease or treatment should be also handled by an expert. At TreeCoTech, you get the best of the best arboriculture services. These services including the management and care of trees and plants are offered by
us to the residents of New Delhi and Mumbai in India. If you are an owner who needs the service of arboriculture, TreeCotech is the right place for you.

Tree Doctor



Do you need someone who can look after your trees and even treat sick or dying trees? A tree doctor is the one you should call for the same. If you are in Mumbai or Delhi in India, it is utterly easy for you to get someone who will do the same. Otherwise known as an ‘Arborist’, tree surgeon, or arboriculturist, is a person who is a professional in the field of arboriculture.

An arborist focuses on the safety and health of individual trees and plants, rather than focusing on an entire forest area. They are different from the ones who harvest woods or are loggers. They keenly study the cultivation and management of various vines, shrubs, herbs, and other perennial woody plants as a part of their horticulture and dendrology practice. Tree care Mumbai is attainable.

When should you call a tree doctor?
Certain factors put a negative impact on your plants or trees. These problems will tell you when your tree needs to be checked by an arborist, such as-
● Leaves are falling off earlier than the expectations of a season
● The forming barks are split, peeling, cracked, or have bumps
● Leaves are not appearing even past the usual time
● Fungus is growing around the trunk
● Mushrooms are growing around the tree’s twigs or the roots
● The leaves are discolored, have odd nodules, or are not gaining veins
● There are dead branches on the top of the tree
● There is a growth of multiple trunks
● Roots are broken or encircled
● The wood seems decayed

A tree doctor Mumbai will conduct various tests on the trees to determine the reason behind these factors to set the right course of action. He may perform oil analysis, test the soil alkalinity or acidity, soil amendment or fertilizers, etc. A tree is fundamentally like a breathing person who needs to be taken care of precisely. It is important to maintain a healthy tree and avoid such problems.

An arborist will make sure that the least damage is done to the tree while curing it. Although, sometimes many trees tend to lose their livelihood and have no saving grace left. They need to be uprooted or planted elsewhere. Yes, it may seem a little odd to do so but it is rather for the trees’ betterment. Tree Care Mumbai is what this is about- the best solution to the problems disturbing a tree’s life.

Treecotech is where you will get the best doctors for your trees. A tree doctor Mumbai will help you profoundly and make sure that tests are performed very safely. We are dedicated to bringing a positive change to the existing trees growing around the parts of Mumbai as well as Delhi. We even assist with the planning and management of new trees. We have a qualified team of professionally certified arborists who have worked tremendously in this field. They aref ocused on letting you protect your trees in the best way possible.

how to choose an arborist

How to Choose Best Arborist ?

How to Choose Best Arborist?

If you need tree care, it is best to hire a professional arborist that can give you the service that you need. However, you want to hire a tree arborist in India that can provide you the quality that you have paid for. But the question is, how can you choose an arborist that can give you all of that? Let’s answer that in this article.

Consider Potential Risks

Arborists can have demanding and even dangerous jobs. If you need a service that involves something strenuous like that, it is suggested that you choose a company that can do whatever is required for them. You may want to pick a cheaper option, but it is best to invest in a company that can give you the quality of service that you need.

Make sure the Company is Legitimate

Finding a tree arborist in India that is good can be a little tricky as there are not many companies that offer this service. This is why you need to look at the company’s credentials, licenses, insurance, etc., before you hire them. You can ask for a copy of their business license before hiring them.

Get Your Estimate Written

It is best to get the estimated cost in writing before the work is actually begun. Sometimes, people say a certain amount and then charge otherwise later. A legitimate company would not do that and would give you a written estimate.

Understand the Work

Arborists will have answers to every question that you may have about the work being done. It is best to know and understand what they’re doing and that their words match what they’re doing. It is best to get even that in writing.


Check the reviews of the company that you’re hiring before you hire them, so in that way, you’re choosing someone that gives you the quality you’re paying for. Keeping all of these things in mind, you can be sure that you are hiring the best arboriculture services. If you are looking for a professional arborist in Mumbai, we suggest Treecotech.