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Tree Care Tips

Trees are a great asset, not only to the plants and animals but also to the people that live around trees. You can have a great number of birds and squirrels, and you have the obvious aesthetic benefits that the tree can offer you. You can increase an estate’s value as well.

But did you know that trees need doctors like humans and animals do? Trees need care, especially if planted in areas that are not suitable for them, like urban residents. Other times they can fall sick or even be dead, and a layperson may not be able to recognise the signs in time to help the tree. This is why it is important to call a tree doctor even if you feel nothing is wrong. That way, they can tell you if something needs to be looked at, what to watch out for, and also about tree risk assessment. That way, you know exactly what is required for tree care, and your tree remains healthy and strong.

A tree doctor is an arborist who is a professional in the field of care for trees, plants, shrubs, etc. Professional arborists are of two types: consulting and certified.

Consulting arborists are those that specialise in the diagnosing of problems, recommendation of treatments, appraising trees and even suggestions as to where you can get tree service that is competent and efficient. Certified arborists, on the other hand, are actually equipped to offer you services to plant, prune, transplant, fertilise, monitor, and even treat for diseases, insects and even remove trees for you.

By hiring an arborist, you are taking part in good tree care for existing problems, in the prevention of future problems, and even get assessments. This way, you know if your tree can survive where it is planted, if the soil is good for it, if it is going to grow in a specific direction that can end in getting branches tangled in wires, or even if you need to remove or uproot the tree entirely. We suggest Treecotech to you for arboriculture services in Mumbai.

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