tree pruning


The process of tree pruning includes the removal of selective parts of a tree. It could be done as a yearly routine or as per the need. It requires great focus and expertise to do this. Not every person can manage it because it can be dangerous. Always a professional like an arborist is the most suited for this process. It could be done for many reasons such as removal of unwanted branches, directing a new healthy growth, removing a defective or disease-affected part, and improving a tree’s basic structure for more strength. But there are times when a tree becomes too weak that only tree removal is left as an option. Pruning prevents such situations on a big scale.

Many pruning techniques are kept in knowledge to do a good and clean job. Any arborist would know how to apply his gained knowledge to prune a tree perfectly to not cause any harm to nature’s gift. If you are looking for pruning techniques Mumbai, TreeCoTech will provide you with expert opinions on the same.

Usual light routines of tree pruning are important. Removing dead, weak, or diseased branches can be done at any time of the year when required for the tree. It causes less to no negative impact on the tree. But, there is a rule that arborists follow. It is said that the growth and wound closure increase if the pruning is done before the growth flush of the spring season.

Pruning techniques Mumbai by TreeCoTech pays attention to this. Any heavy pruning can affect the live tissues preventing the tree to attain its spring growth. The chances for tree diseases also increase if any wound is left. Dormant seasons like late fall are fine to prune a tree. The trees do not fall susceptible to damage. Even fungus development is reduced and lesser insects also affect the tree.

Pruning has a lot of benefits and positive impact on a tree-
● You can say farewell to dead parts like branches. Broken or damaged branches can be a danger to your safety and as well for the tree’s growth.
● Your property will be saved from potential damages from fallen branches.
● You will provide your tree a way to grow back stronger after the removal of dead parts. This is for the betterment of the tree’s health.
● It is good for weight management.
● It gives the tree a polished and clean look which increases the aesthetic appeal of a property.
● Sets up the tree for a long-term benefit of health with a good foundation.
● Prevents prospective tree removal.

The best way you can help your tree as an owner of one is to get a proper prune done which will ultimately be a long-term investment in the health of your growing plants while also maintaining and improving the overall safety and aesthetics of your property. Regular tree pruning is very essential. Trees are also living creatures who require care for better health. In India, we provide the best pruning in Mumbai as well as Delhi.

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