The decision of planting a tree can be a quick one but when it comes to implementation, there are a lot of things that need to be looked at. The major factors that can affect your decision to plant a tree are as below:

Due to space limitations, one of the major concerns in today’s time is the tree safety. You need to find a place which will be a secure one for the tree and where the chances of damage are minimal. Trees are really helpful to cool down the space around them. They can provide shade which keeps the house cool, provided they are well placed as per the direction of the sunlight. This can lead to saving the cost of energy consumption. Generally, it would be a good idea to plant a deciduous tree towards the south side of your home, but then you have to see how your home is built and how the sunlight plays around it. Deciduous trees shed their leaves in winters, which will allow some sun in your home and prevent it from getting damp and cold. Even the wind direction can affect the trees.

Legal issues:
Apart from the location of the tree, you might also need to look out whether you will require BMC tree permission. If the tree is going to grow in the public property, you might need to get permissions from BMC who also have a role to play in planning and development of trees.

Everyone has their own choices of trees in terms of aesthetics. The tree has to match the landscape as well. Some people prefer having huge trees like oak and others might prefer small ones which can easily be pruned. There are trees which can have flowers as well. Contact Treecotech Arboriculture specialist to know about what options can you have. They will help you in understanding how much time it takes to grow them as well.

Synchronisation with local environment:
Note that when you plant a tree, it is not just about growing it as a stand-alone entity. It will communicate with, and affect plants and trees nearby it. Other elements of the ecosystem like squirrels, birds and other creatures will also be looking out for it. If you are aware of good tree care solutions, you will be able to provide a healthy home to these creatures as well. It is not just the creatures, but even the water quality is affected by tree plantation.

Safety Measures:
Apart from ensuring the tree safety, you should also ensure that the safety of humans living in that area is maintained. The tree should not obstruct any entry or exit paths. Growing plants at the entrance can look a bit obstructive for guests. Also, you need to see how high or low branches of the tree will be. If a lot of people walk nearby that area, the height of the tree will matter as well.
Before planting, it will be a great idea to get a consultation from an Arboriculture consultancy in India like Treecotech.


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