Planting a tree is an art that requires professional skill and knowledge to do it the right way. Many gardeners and people who plant trees lack the knowledge of planting the trees the right way as evident by incorrectly planted trees around us. Only a correctly planted tree is expected to have a longer and healthier life as an appropriate way of planting the tree ensures strength to the tree roots. You may buy trees from wholesale or retail nurseries but understanding the right way to plant it from an astute professional like tree arborist in Mumbai is important. An arboriculture consultancy in Mumbai can righteously guide a layman on how to plant a tree, about safe tree retention and protection strategies, tree transplantation, tree pruning techniques, and similar other plant health care services. Here we have listed a few steps which should be taken care while planting a tree at home or elsewhere:

  • For planting a tree, water it one day before the day of planting to make sure that the roots absorb sufficient water.
  • Thoroughly clean the root ball by removing wires, burlap, pots, etc. It is essential to remove the wires and burlap irrespective of what people around say because if not removed, these things can act as an obstruction in the proper root development. Wires may take 100 years to rust completely and burlap is also synthetic these days, so if they are left with the tree roots, they can cause early death of your tree. You can also hire a certified arborist in Mumbai to help you do the job efficiently.
  • Remove the nursery soil to make the root flare (the point where the roots meet the trunk) visible. Removing this soil is necessary because the old soil is different from where you will plant the tree now, the tree will not develop well in the combination of both the soil, it should be allowed to fix its roots in the new type of soil only. You can also use your fingers softly or shake off the tree or wash away the tree trunk and the roots (after dipping the roots in water for a while) to remove the old soil. The task should be done carefully so that the soft roots do not damage. Certified arborist service in Mumbai can also take over the task for you if you want to do it professionally.
  • Circling roots around the root ball makes your tree root-bound and can strangle the tree in future years. Thus, cut the circling roots and set your tree free to gain good height, strength, and health. If you are not sure of how to cut the circling roots then seeking the guidance of tree care experts in Mumbai can be beneficial.
  • Next, dig a hole where you want to plant the tree. The hole can be up to twice the width of the root ball but its depth should not be deeper than the root ball. The depth of the hole should be almost the same size as the root ball so that the root flare is visible on the soil surface when planting is finished. You can also leave some roots exposed but planting the tree too deep will adversely affect the life of the tree instead of giving added strength. 
  • Rest the tree on the undisturbed soil of the hole and fill the hole with the soil you had dugout. Stones from the rocky soil can be kept aside instead of filling them back. Do not stand on the soil because too much soil compaction will prevent root growth.
  • To allow water to stay longer after plantation, you can make a small ridge around the hole. 
  • Most trees do not need a stake, but if you feel that your tree needs one then you can use it. Do not forget to remove it within 1 year, only then your tree can gain good strength.
  • Mulch the tree with wood chips but keep its thickness to a maximum of 3 inches. Also, make sure that the wood chips do not touch the trunk of the tree, else too wet trunk can rot. You can consult an expert on arboriculture in India to guide you appropriately about planting a tree, watering it, tree healthcare consultancy and other tree care solutions

Don’ts to be taken care of while planting a tree:

  • Do not add compost, manure, fertilizers, peat moss, root stimulators at planting time because it is not required.
  • Do not remove any branches or leaves except for broken branches until the third year of planting because these are required by trees as a food source to help in growing roots.
  • Do not mulch the pile in a conical shape.

If you find the task of planting a tree cumbersome or if you want your plant to live a healthy and longer life then ensure its right plantation by hiring services of a certified tree arborist agency in Mumbai.

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