Whether a tree needs to be removed or not is hard to tell by a layman and even tree lovers. Whenever a tree is to be removed, it is best to hire a certified tree arborist agency in Mumbai because they have a team of tree health care experts who can do the job proficiently, safely and timely. However, before seeking appointment with certified arboriculture agency you can go through following points to make sure that your tree needs to be removed:
The health of a tree: Health of a tree is the primary sign that determines the condition of the tree. If a tree is sick or infected then there are chances that it can pass the infection to other healthy trees nearby. Sometimes trees look healthy from outside but are damaged from inside. Thus, in such cases, you can call for an astute tree arborist in Mumbai to inspect your tree and ensure whether the tree can be cured or will be removed.
Damaged trees: Trees are not only damaged by pests but adverse weather conditions also damage trees. Storm, drought, flood, etc. are some of the reasons that can severely damage a tree. A tree can also receive a fatal strike during an accident by a heavy vehicle. In either of these cases, it is best to approach urban tree experts to assess the tree’s current condition. They not only do the needful to save the tree but also take care of tree removal services if the tree cannot be saved.
Dead trees: Trees which no longer bear leaves and flowers at any time of the year and is standing dry in your premises then it is time to take appointment with arborist Mumbai because they are well versed with safe tree retention and protection strategies and will guide you with the right ways how to proceed for removing such a dad tree.
The leaning tree: A leaning tree is certainly a danger for men and materials around. The reasons for leaning of trees could be a storm, decaying roots ,or any other but it is wise to remove a leaning tree soon unless it can pose a serious threat to human beings, animals, or property around the tree.
Branches of a Tree: Branches of a tree send clear signs of the condition of the tree. Intertwining branches, branches rubbing against each other, dead branches, and branches with longitudinal cracks can be immediately noticed even by a layman, thereby helping them to figure out that tree needs professional assistance by a tree company in Mumbai.
Status of Tree Trunk: Holes on the tree trunk, fungi, and mushrooms on trees are other major signs that indicate plant health care services are required at earliest.
Trees location: When a tree is located too close to your home or sidewalks such that it poses an obstruction for pedestrians or on your driveway or for powerlines, then it can cause injuries or damages. In such cases, either get it trimmed by tree planning consultancy services or go for its removal if advised by them.

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