All those who have a tree or multiple trees in their compound must be loving the beauty the trees add to the property besides enjoying the fresh air amidst them. To continue admiring the natural beauty and enjoying the benefits of trees in your compound, you should realize the importance of tree care. Unless you take good care of your tree, the health of your tree may get adversely affected. Thus, in addition to nurturing your tree like a living baby, you should know about your plant health by seeking the advice of a professional tree arborist in Mumbai. Tree care experts in Mumbai can visit your premises for doing the health check-up of your tree and guide you accordingly on how to take care of your tree and which safe tree retention and protection strategies can be adopted for ensuring good health of your tree. If you are unsure that whether current health status of your tree requires an appointment with arborist Mumbai for a health check-up or not then inspect following parts of your tree:

  • Leaves: Leaves are the best and the biggest sign to indicate the health condition of your tree. The leaf color, texture, and quality should be consistent over the years. If the leaves are turning pale or have holes then it can be a sign of damaged tree or bugs in the tree. If leaves of your tree are falling rapidly in the spring or summer season then also your tree may be sick and needs an appointment with certified arboriculture expert.
  • Fungus: Another clear indication of the rotting of your tree is fungus appearing on outside of your tree. 
  • Bark: It may be difficult for a layman to figure out the health of the tree by looking at the bark of the tree but an expert from plant health care services can easily tell it merely by looking at the bark of the tree. Usually, old barks of old trees peel off and new barks arrive in their place. But instead of it if you find a smooth trunk then it means that your tree may be at a stage that is beyond healing. So, it is advisable to immediately get appointment with arboriculture expert for the sake of your tree. Needle holes in barks are also signs of a bug attack on a dead tree thereby demanding attention.
  • Branches: As long as branches are bearing leaves, the tree is healthy otherwise it may not be. Do not forget to check all the branches so that you can make out if your tree is partially or wholly unhealthy. When you peel the branch of a tree and see a different color than a lush green, then also it is a matter of worry.
  • Roots: For a layman, inspecting roots can be a challenge but it is an easy task for an established arboricultural consultancy in India. Small branches sprouting from roots indicate the extent of damage caused to your tree due to chemicals, excess water, construction/excavation projects in your area or other reasons. 

If any of the above problems are present in your tree and tree care experts in Mumbai recommend you for removing your tree then do not delay in doing so because a dying tree can become a serious threat. Remember, trees are also living beings and need care. They can shower benefits only if they are healthy. Else, they can become a cause of damage to people or property around. So, maintain the good health of your tree. You can regularly seek tree care solutions from an arboricultural consultancy in Mumbai to ensure a longer and healthy life of your tree.

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