Tree Risk Assessment

Tree Risk Assessment Services

Tree risk assessment may sound very simple – it might appear like an inspection but in reality, it can be really scientific in nature. The process of tree inspection involves many parameters that a layman can’t even think of. This is why this is not an activity to be performed by an individual, it needs the use of tree risk assessment services

The trees are generally checked for following risks:

  1. Regrowth of the leaves, branches etc. from the top. 
  2. Electrical wires or power cables  passing from near the tree.
  3. Any branches which might be broken or loosely hanging. In such a case, they will need to be cautiously chopped off before they fall themselves. 
  4. Any branches which are already dead also need to be removed. 
  5. Any signs of decays or rotting of the root or any other part of the tree.
  6. If there is any recent change in the quality of the soil and environment where the tree is growing. 
  7. Any open or vulnerable spots which can cause potential harm to the tree.

A tree risk assessment company will need to go through a very thorough checklist of factors that needs to be monitored. It is a very time consuming process as well.

It is not just the tree itself which needs monitoring, the environment around the tree also needs a careful evaluation. Sometimes, even if the tree health is okay, the external factors might cause a big harm. Many times, those factors are also out of the control. 

If you search for “tree risk assessment near me” while you are in the city, you will receive different results as compared to when you do that in a rural area. This is because the trees have different kinds of risks in rural areas. As an example, trees in rural areas have more chances of getting exposed to wet areas with shallow soil, whereas in the cities, they will probably be surviving dry soil.  Depending upon the risk, a tree risk assessment company will resort to solutions like removal of the tree, pruning, removal of the hazard for the tree or may be there is no action required other than just constant monitoring and caring for the tree.

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