Why and How to Choose Tree Service Consultancy

Tree Planning Consultancy Services

Tree Service ConsultancyWhen it comes to maintenance of the home or the premises, people tend to think they can do it in order to save money, make better use of their time or just to feel something good about their work. Maintaining gardens full of small plants can be a fun and engaging thing to do, but when it is about maintenance of the trees, things become a bit tricky. Even if someone is planning to start developing the premises, then they will require tree planning consultancy services for better results. There are many reasons why tree maintenance is not easy or fit for an untrained individual to do:

  1. There are high chances of injuries- may it be cuts, wounds or even falling from the trees. Safe climbing and working in trees can only be done after taking all the safety measures by trained professionals.
  2. The tools are heavy and risky. They are used for cutting or working with heavy branches or difficult situations like climbing etc. and if they are not handled properly, they can lead to much bigger damages on humans. Even experiences professionals do get hurt sometimes.
  3. It is not obvious for any layman to understand the health of the tree, some of the limbs might look healthy and strong, but they may be break in a click. Experienced professionals know how to work their way up.
  4. Cutting or pruning trees is an unpredictable thing. The branches can fall off on any side or anywhere around the area, it can slash out on someone else! It is a professional job which needs a bit of calculations as well apart from experience. As per the reports for pruning & removal applications, there have been many incidences in the past when people tried to do these things all by themselves.

Following tips can help you to choose the right tree service company:

  1. Look for a service consultancy who can do arboriculture impact assessment for you.
  2. There are certification agencies and you should hire a company who has got these certifications which are related to the safety and security.
  3. Ask for the estimates from multiple consultancies and you can evaluate them on the basis of your budget as well their quality and services.
  4. Look for recommendations: if anyone has availed the services of the company before, you can talk to them first and evaluate whether they are suitable for your needs as well or not.
  5. Make sure that the company is also tree survey compliant.
  6. It would be great if you can see them working somewhere- it will help you the most because you will actually get to see them in action and notice whether they use safety equipment or how professionally they are doing their job.
  7. The professionals of the company must have arboriculture training in their skill set.
  8. Lastly, feel free to ask as many questions as you want. Companies who are passionate about their work will never mind dealing with your concerns.

Know Whether Your Tree Needs to be Fertilized or Not?

Does Your Tree Need to be Fertilized?

to know about your plant health Fertilizers are added to soil to promote tree health and growth. However, fertilizers are always not needed for trees and plants. Additionally, which fertilizer is apt for which type of soil and trees is different. Similarly, the quantity of fertilizer to be added also varies with the types of soil and trees. Thus, before adding fertilizers do some research to add the right type and amount of fertilizers. You can also seek the help of experts at arboriculture consultancy in Mumbai to guide you for the purpose.

Some people want to know whether fertilizers should be used for trees or not. Here lies an elaborate answer:

Let the roots take strengths: Newly planted trees should not be fertilized. Likewise, a tree which has gone through recent root damage due to trenching, construction, change of place or any other reason, should not be fertilized until its roots gain strength at the newly planted location.

Less fertilization for old trees: Old trees with strong deep roots and good health need to be fertilized only once in a year or even longer than that. If you have a very old tree in your vicinity and you want to work out its fertilization plan then you can get the heritage tree assessment done with the help of tree arborist in Mumbai or in other cities.

A declining tree: A declining tree needs fertilization to strengthen roots, stimulate growth and overall better health. The symptoms of the declining condition of a tree are its pale green leaves or undersized leaves or dead branch tips, etc. Plant health care services can help you in identifying a declining tree by conducting tree decay detection so that it can be saved by adding nourishment to the soil in form of the fertilizers which will ultimately improve tree’s health.

Injured tree or sick tree: To figure out if your tree is injured or sick you must regularly monitor your tree closely. If it has broken or diseased limbs, fungal conks on it, damaged or distorted or curled leaves or any other unusual appearance which you can notice now and which was not present earlier, then you must seek the guidance of arboriculture consultancy in Mumbai to know about your plant health. They use arboriculture software for tree assessment and tell you the exact condition of your tree. Additionally, they advise the right amount and type of fertilizers to be used along with guiding you through other safe tree retention and protection strategies.

Soil type: The type of soil where the tree is planted also tells whether your tree needs to be fertilized or not and what should be the frequency of fertilization and which fertilizers are best to keep the available soil fully nourished. To guide you for this as well, tree arborist in Mumbai is of great benefit.

Thus, to know about your plant health (so that accordingly you can add fertilizers in it and take its complete care) you can hire tree planning consultancy services. They are not only well versed with assessing tree’s health, advising fertilizers for it, tree pruning techniques but they also guide you in species selection and planting advisory and then further maintaining them by safe climbing and working in trees.

Challenges Pre and Post-Plantation

Expected Challenges Pre and Post Plantation of a Tree

Challenges Pre and Post Plantation

When you are planning to plant trees on your premises, you are likely to face many challenges. Though you can seek services of an arboriculture consultancy in Mumbai in order to help you sail through these challenges but even under their guidance a few expectations during pre and post-plantation of a tree are:

Finding the right place for planting trees: With so many high-tension wires, mobile towers, underground utility lines, gas pipelines, etc. it sometimes becomes difficult to find an apt place for planting trees especially crowded city like Mumbai. An established tree arborist in Mumbai can resolve your concern soon but you can expect that you may not be able to plant as many trees as you want or at the place at which you want to plant trees depending on the survey of the species selection and planting advisory services you have hired.

Land preparation for planting trees: It is another challenge which individuals/organizations face for planting trees in their premises. Tree planning consultancy services are the best people to hire for making the task easier for you. They astutely do the soil test, percolation test, hole digging and fulfill other requirements to grow as many trees as you want. You can expect that their test results may limit the area where you can grow trees and also narrow down the choice of trees you can grow in your premises.

Finding the right tree: Plant health care services recommend the best tree suitable for your premises in the available conditions. Tree survey conducted by them enables them to recommend only tree survey compliant trees for your property.

Plantation rate success: When you have planted multiple trees then you can expect 80% success rate in the plantation. 20% of trees may fail in the long run even if they are planted by most proficient tree arborist in Mumbai. This is because moving live plants from the nursery to your premises may cause irreversible damage to the roots even if utmost care is taken. So, while planting trees in your premises expect the loss of trees up to 20%.

Tree health: With successfully planted trees, a major concern during tree life is the health of the tree. Trees need a regular check-up by specialized plant health care services unless you have taken arboriculture training and you can maintain good health of your trees on your own. If tree decay detection is done on time and appropriate treatment is given by skilled plant health care services then you can save your tree.

Natural reasons for a short life of a tree: Despite adopting ample safe tree retention & protection strategies sometimes natural reasons can cause the death of your tree sooner than expected life. Excessive rain, drought, storm, etc. are some of the common natural circumstances when young trees lose the life.

Arboriculture consultancy in Mumbai can take appropriate measures to overcome the above challenges and give a long and healthy life to your trees.

How to Plant a Tree for a Longer and Healthier Life

Planting Tree for Longevity



If you have a love for trees and you are looking forward to planting them, then you can give them a longer and healthier life by going through the following points.




Apt tree planting spot:

The pre-requisite to plant a tree is finding the right place where you can plant the tree. Whether it is in your garden or surrounding your premises, before selecting a spot, check out the powerlines overhead. There should not be any kind of obstruction up to 10 feet over the expected height of the tree you want to plant. This will give the tree a scope to grow well without being affected by unwanted surroundings. If you yourself cannot make out the right spot, then tree planning consultancy services can help you for the purpose.

Digging Caution:

When you have selected a spot to plant a tree, you would need to dig a spot nearly 2 times the width of the root ball of your choice of tree. The depth of the hole will range from at least one inch more than the length of the tree from its first root to the bottom of the root ball. Additionally, the shape of the hole will be like a saucer dish. If you are unable to dig a hole on your own then arboriculture consultancy in Mumbai can do the task for you. They also make sure that digging at any spot may not damage any underground utility lines probably laid out at the spot. Accordingly, they help in selecting the plant growing spot.

Soil Check:

Take a sample of soil from the spot where you want to plant a tree and get it checked in the laboratory for checking the nutrient levels of soil. The lab will also brief you of organic matter percentage, pH, level of compaction, etc. which will help you to decide the suitability of tree planting spot. Also, the test results will help you choose the type of tree which is perfect to survive in the available conditions. Percolation test of the tree planting spot can also be done by filling water in the hole which you had dug to plant a tree. If the water stands in the pit for a day or more then you may have to select a tree which can prevail such type of conditions or look for a different tree planting spot or you can also go for compaction in the area to drain water faster. If it sounds way too complex, then you can approach arboriculture consultancy in Mumbai to find all solutions under one roof.

Tree Selection and Plantation:

When you have the above information handy, it becomes easier for you to select a tree. Fitting above conditions you can select a tree whose size, color, bark, leaves, flowers, fruits, etc. appeals you. You can also seek the guidance of species selection and planting advisory services to plant a tree. After final selection of the tree, bring it to your place and plant it in the hole you dug. The soil you dug out should be filled back in the hole after planting the tree. You can add new soil on the top of the hole if you feel necessary. It is even better to add compost but it is recommended not to add fertilizers over it at least while planting the tree. To complete the plantation of the tree, as the last step add water to the tree. The amount of water shall be figured out as per your percolation test results.

Post plantation care:

The tree will need constant care throughout its life. Once you have planted the tree, regular watering of the tree is a must. Water the tree cautiously as excess water or less water will lead to a short life of your tree. Tree care is like child care. You can stake your tree at least till it gains strength to face environmental challenges. Furthermore, you can also add fertilizers as and when required. Do not forget to regularly check for the health of your tree. You can know about your plant health either by regularly inspecting the tree or with the help of plant health care services. If your tree is sick at any time do not skip to seek its treatment by tree arborist in Mumbai.

Tips to Help You Identify When the Tree is Getting Sick

Is Your Tree Sick?

Having trees in the backyard or premises of the home is a great thing to have. But maintaining them can be a big task, specially if you are not aware of how to check the health of the tree. Tree decay detection is a skill, but there are some useful suggestions and tips which can help you even if you don’t have knowledge like a professional gardener does. Some of them are listed below:

Know your trees:

First thing to do is to have a read about what all trees you have got. Once you are aware of the proper names of the trees, it will help you to look up for useful information about them. You should how does the healthier version of the those trees look like. You might think that having leaves green is a sign of a good health, but there could be plenty of other things to check.
Other ways to stay informed is to read the cards that come along when you buy a new plant. There is plenty of information mentioned on those tags and they should be saved for referring again. Sometimes even a picture on those tags can tell you how that tree should look like.
You can also learn more or gather information by going for an Arboriculture training. That is like a professional level training which will help you in getting the skills of manage wide variety of trees.

Being aware about the diseases:

As the urbanization is increasing, trees are finding it hard to cope up with the changes in environment for them. Also, we have started growing them in places which might not be meant for them or where the environment is not in their best favour. There are plan health care services available which can provide Species selection and Planting advisory so that you can grow them in suitable surrounding. But being aware about common issues which the plants and trees can generally catch will be very helpful.
There are some diseases which might make the tree look really sick, but they could just be cosmetic issues and might not affect the health of the tree from inside. On the contrary, there could some diseases which shows less signs but could prove to be very damaging for the health of the tree.
Also, there are certain seasonal issues which should be checked for.


Needless to say, regular and timely inspection of the trees can save the tree’s life. If some of the signs can be read in early stages, the treatment can be given soon and prevent the disease from growing or spreading. Some things that you should look out for are:
Limbs of trees to make sure they are not broken or show sign of disease
Shape of the leaves- they shouldn’t be curled up or damaged
Presence of mushrooms
Verification of the roots
Observe the bigger picture- inspect the tree overall to see if something looks unusual.
These simple techniques can help you detect the diseases early and can give you a chance to get the trees back to healthy status again.


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