Challenges Pre and Post-Plantation

Challenges Pre and Post Plantation

When you are planning to plant trees on your premises, you are likely to face many challenges. Though you can seek services of an arboriculture consultancy in Mumbai in order to help you sail through these challenges but even under their guidance a few expectations during pre and post-plantation of a tree are:

Finding the right place for planting trees: With so many high-tension wires, mobile towers, underground utility lines, gas pipelines, etc. it sometimes becomes difficult to find an apt place for planting trees especially crowded city like Mumbai. An established tree arborist in Mumbai can resolve your concern soon but you can expect that you may not be able to plant as many trees as you want or at the place at which you want to plant trees depending on the survey of the species selection and planting advisory services you have hired.

Land preparation for planting trees: It is another challenge which individuals/organizations face for planting trees in their premises. Tree planning consultancy services are the best people to hire for making the task easier for you. They astutely do the soil test, percolation test, hole digging and fulfill other requirements to grow as many trees as you want. You can expect that their test results may limit the area where you can grow trees and also narrow down the choice of trees you can grow in your premises.

Finding the right tree: Plant health care services recommend the best tree suitable for your premises in the available conditions. Tree survey conducted by them enables them to recommend only tree survey compliant trees for your property.

Plantation rate success: When you have planted multiple trees then you can expect 80% success rate in the plantation. 20% of trees may fail in the long run even if they are planted by most proficient tree arborist in Mumbai. This is because moving live plants from the nursery to your premises may cause irreversible damage to the roots even if utmost care is taken. So, while planting trees in your premises expect the loss of trees up to 20%.

Tree health: With successfully planted trees, a major concern during tree life is the health of the tree. Trees need a regular check-up by specialized plant health care services unless you have taken arboriculture training and you can maintain good health of your trees on your own. If tree decay detection is done on time and appropriate treatment is given by skilled plant health care services then you can save your tree.

Natural reasons for a short life of a tree: Despite adopting ample safe tree retention & protection strategies sometimes natural reasons can cause the death of your tree sooner than expected life. Excessive rain, drought, storm, etc. are some of the common natural circumstances when young trees lose the life.

Arboriculture consultancy in Mumbai can take appropriate measures to overcome the above challenges and give a long and healthy life to your trees.

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