Planting Tree for Longevity



If you have a love for trees and you are looking forward to planting them, then you can give them a longer and healthier life by going through the following points.




Apt tree planting spot:

The pre-requisite to plant a tree is finding the right place where you can plant the tree. Whether it is in your garden or surrounding your premises, before selecting a spot, check out the powerlines overhead. There should not be any kind of obstruction up to 10 feet over the expected height of the tree you want to plant. This will give the tree a scope to grow well without being affected by unwanted surroundings. If you yourself cannot make out the right spot, then tree planning consultancy services can help you for the purpose.

Digging Caution:

When you have selected a spot to plant a tree, you would need to dig a spot nearly 2 times the width of the root ball of your choice of tree. The depth of the hole will range from at least one inch more than the length of the tree from its first root to the bottom of the root ball. Additionally, the shape of the hole will be like a saucer dish. If you are unable to dig a hole on your own then arboriculture consultancy in Mumbai can do the task for you. They also make sure that digging at any spot may not damage any underground utility lines probably laid out at the spot. Accordingly, they help in selecting the plant growing spot.

Soil Check:

Take a sample of soil from the spot where you want to plant a tree and get it checked in the laboratory for checking the nutrient levels of soil. The lab will also brief you of organic matter percentage, pH, level of compaction, etc. which will help you to decide the suitability of tree planting spot. Also, the test results will help you choose the type of tree which is perfect to survive in the available conditions. Percolation test of the tree planting spot can also be done by filling water in the hole which you had dug to plant a tree. If the water stands in the pit for a day or more then you may have to select a tree which can prevail such type of conditions or look for a different tree planting spot or you can also go for compaction in the area to drain water faster. If it sounds way too complex, then you can approach arboriculture consultancy in Mumbai to find all solutions under one roof.

Tree Selection and Plantation:

When you have the above information handy, it becomes easier for you to select a tree. Fitting above conditions you can select a tree whose size, color, bark, leaves, flowers, fruits, etc. appeals you. You can also seek the guidance of species selection and planting advisory services to plant a tree. After final selection of the tree, bring it to your place and plant it in the hole you dug. The soil you dug out should be filled back in the hole after planting the tree. You can add new soil on the top of the hole if you feel necessary. It is even better to add compost but it is recommended not to add fertilizers over it at least while planting the tree. To complete the plantation of the tree, as the last step add water to the tree. The amount of water shall be figured out as per your percolation test results.

Post plantation care:

The tree will need constant care throughout its life. Once you have planted the tree, regular watering of the tree is a must. Water the tree cautiously as excess water or less water will lead to a short life of your tree. Tree care is like child care. You can stake your tree at least till it gains strength to face environmental challenges. Furthermore, you can also add fertilizers as and when required. Do not forget to regularly check for the health of your tree. You can know about your plant health either by regularly inspecting the tree or with the help of plant health care services. If your tree is sick at any time do not skip to seek its treatment by tree arborist in Mumbai.

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