Common Mistakes While Taking Care of TreesTrees are a blessing for human life and thus it is our social responsibility to take care of trees as we do for our children. Many of us are well aware of taking care of trees we have planted in our homes. However, most of us tend to overlook the trees planted in a commercial property. Even the owners of the commercial property neglect to take regular care of the trees planted at the commercial property with the belief that they will grow healthily on their own once planted. Though, the real scenario is a bit different. Most of the trees at commercial properties need care and attention from us and thus we should gear ourselves for it. We can also seek guidance from tree care experts in Mumbai for the purpose. Start with eliminating some of the common mistakes which we commit while planting trees or taking care of trees on the commercial property, some of such mistakes are mentioned below:

  • Mulch Clearance: Usually, it is seen that the mulch piled up around the trunk of the tree is much more than required. It is essential to maintain 4-5 inches of mulch only because it will sufficiently maintain soil temperature and will conserve water. Excessive mulch hinders the growth and health of the tree. You can get the health of the tree assessed by hiring plant health care services. Furthermore, excessive mulch or an unhealthy tree decreases the aesthetic value of the commercial property because this mulch base appears like an anthill mountain with roots coming out. So, for maintaining trees and for adding aesthetic value to the property, it is advised to hire tree planning consultancy services.
  • The Right Depth of the hole for planting the tree: Digging a too deep hole or a too shallow one adversely affects the growth and the life of the tree. Just the right depth is essential so that the tree gets enough warmth, water, and nutrients from the soil. This will enable the tree to grow healthily and speedily. A certified arborist in Mumbai can skillfully guide you about the depth of the tree you want to plant on your commercial property. 
  • Damage from machines: Trees on the commercial property face a threat of damage from landscaping crews operating on the property. Top consultancy for landscape can help to protect trees from such damage as they know how to handle machines such that they do not damage the roots or the base of the tree. 2-3 feet high mulch around the tree can protect the tree from damage from machines and other equipment. 
  • On a commercial property, if a tree is posing an obstruction, it needs to be transplanted elsewhere. Tree transplantation, if not done appropriately, can take a toll on the life of the tree. Thus, whenever you need tree transplantation on your property, get appointment with arboriculture expert who is well versed in tree pruning techniques.

Besides doing the above jobs, the arboricultural consultancy in India will also guide you on how to change your faulty practices for taking care of a tree, how to water trees on commercial property and how to take their complete care. Show your love to trees on the commercial property around you, hire a tree arborist in Mumbai and add on to the lives of the trees.