10 Plants in Vogue in the Year 2020When you are on the lookout of gracing your property with plants, tree planning consultancy services are the right contact to guide you for species selection and planting advisory. Meanwhile, you approach a tree development consultancy in Mumbai, here we have some information regarding the trending plant choices in the year 2020.

In the year 2020, the choice of indoor and outdoor plants is chiefly affected by the shift in the consciousness of the people towards the environment. Some of the popular types of plants which are best for decorating your premises this year are:

  1. Wildlife attracting plants: Many plants attract bees, butterflies, and similar other wildlife. Such plants are being preferred in 2020 because these species help in pollination and thus become a cause of multiplying the plants without much effort. More plants mean pacing up the steps towards green Earth. 
  2. Native plants: The plants that naturally occur in your area are called native plants. The recent trend is to have native plants on your premises. Such plants beautify properties at their best because they can grow well and survive for long in the environmental conditions of the area to which they belong.
  3. Small Species: People in urban cities usually face a problem of lack of space. They try to fit every luxury and necessity in limited space. Arranging dwarf plant varieties on their premises is one such step. It allows them to relish the natural beauty of the plants without wasting much space.
  4. Organic food-bearing plants: Globally, the trend is not only being conscious about the environment but also being health conscious for achieving which people plant food-bearing plants in their premises. Plants bearing fruits, vegetables or edible flowers can be planted this year depending on individual choices. These plants have a double benefit, one is adding aesthetic value and the other is providing organic food.
  5. Moving back in time: Since people are becoming more environment-friendly day by day, they are adopting the practice re-wilding their gardens and trying to establish an untouched landscape. Re-wilding gardens mean to reduce the use of pesticides, herbicides, and tree pruning techniques. Planting more of native species and encouraging beneficial insects are other steps in the process of re-wilding gardens. 
  6. Succulents: Succulents and cacti have become the choice of the people either because of their low maintenance or artistic growth patterns.
  7. Floral Plants: Plants which feature both flowers and foliage have always been popular and so they cannot be missed this year too.
  8. Uniqueness is attractive: Many consumers prefer unique over common. To stand out of the line, consumers prefer dark plants i.e. the plants which have red, purple or black leaves, for example, Black Raven, Black Diamond or red Aglaonema. This novel touch eliminates the monotony of green as experienced by many consumers. 
  9. Greens: Even though many consumers prefer unique, greens will never go out of fashion. Grow leafy greens to follow the trend this year.
  10. User-friendly plants: Plants that are user-friendly even at the time of natural disasters are preferred because people take every step cautiously for efficiently handling any unseen and unexpected challenge. Trees are the second choice of residential owners as trees can damage property or men if planted around the residential premises.