Fun Facts About Trees That Everyone Should KnowThe importance of trees in our lives cannot be emphasized enough. Since childhood, we are taught about their importance and that they give us food, shelter and life to wildlife. Other most crucial job that the trees do is to clear out the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release more oxygen. They are a beautiful creation of god and it is worth studying them in great detail. The fun facts below should be known to everyone, even those who do not have any arboriculture knowledge.

  1. Trees don’t die of old age:
    As per the data collected so far, it has been observed that the trees are the oldest living organisms on this earth. They don’t die if they grow really old. There are trees which are thousands of years old and still surviving! Organisations across the world are maintaining databases for tracking the age of the trees. Old trees are now preserved in most areas, thanks to environmental awareness. Tree specialist in India can help you in identifying the age of the tree.
  2. They need a lot of water, just like humans!
    Trees drink plenty of water every day. They can extract even hundred gallons per day from the ground below. Where does all this water go? The trees release it in the form of oxygen and water vapours. This whole process of consumption and release is dependent on various factors like type of the tree, location and environmental conditions.
  3. If trees and shrubs are placed at the right position in your home, then you can save up to 25% of your total electricity bills. They provide shade and can keep the home so cool that you wouldn’t require an air conditioner. A certified arborist in India can help you identify which location would be ideal.
  4. There are ‘moon trees’ on earth which were grown from about 500 seeds which were taken for orbiting the moon by Apollo 14 mission! That was in the year 1971. The seeds did not land on the moon though.
  5. Trees communicate with each other, especially when there is an external attack. It has been observed that when insects start their attack on the tree, it releases a chemical in the leaves for defence purposes. It also informs about the attack to other trees so that they can be prepared as well. It is good to know since tree safety is important to all of us!
  6. Pollens are shed by male pine cones and with the help of wind, those pollen reach the female pines cones where the pollination happens.
  7. Trees help in lowering the overall air temperature by evaporating the water.
  8. They also do the job of improving the quality of water for us. They slow down the rainwater going into the ground and save the aquifers.
  9. If you walk in the woods and get lost, trees can give you some direction! The moss and thick rings are more on the northern side.
  10. Different parts of the tree grow in different seasons. The tree doesn’t grow altogether.

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