Arboriculture is a science, art and practice as What is Arboriculture and Why is it Important well. It is about ensuring that the good health of the trees, plants and shrubs is maintained. Arboriculture is also the study of the behaviour of the trees and plants in specific conditions. It is the study of their growth patterns, response to the environment etc. By acquiring arboriculture knowledge, an arborist can learn how to cultivate plants and trees.

There are lots of practices and techniques which are taught in a good arboriculture training program. Those practices and techniques are then used by a certified arborist in India for the purpose of maintenance of trees, identifying what kind of plant or a tree will be suitable for which location etc. Arborists gain a  good knowledge about fertilizers, sprays for insect control, diseases that a tree can possible catch and methodologies like cabling, pruning, bracing and removal of trees.

Arborists are those people who have acquired professional arboriculture training and knowledge. They also possess physical skills to maintain the health of the trees. Things like pruning not only requires technical knowledge like when is the right time to prune or which pruning technique to use, but it also needs physical strength and knowledge of how to perform those techniques. A tree specialist in India needs to have a mix of mental skills and physical ability to implement those skills.

A common misunderstanding is that arborists are same as landscapers. This might seem true to those who are not into maintenance and care of garden areas, but there is a huge difference between the profession of an arborist and that of a landscaper. There is a reason why arboriculture is a separate profession than landscaping. It is important because it helps in:

  1. Identifying if the tree can possibly catch a disease
  2. Taking care of the health of the trees and plants
  3. Maintaining the beauty of the landscape or the property
  4. Getting the most out of the greenery in a certain area
  5. Increasing the overall value of the property by improving the aesthetics.
  6. Maintaining tree safety

Keeping care of the trees:
Every property owner is responsible for keeping care of the trees on their property. The benefits are more than just the aesthetic value. A good planned out structure can not only save considerable amounts of money, but can also increase the value of the property by up to 20%. Therefore, apart from giving health benefits, cool temperature, shade, fruits (for some trees), increase in oxygen levels etc. the trees can also give you monetary benefits. On the other hand, if they are not maintained properly, then the landscape’s look will be affected negatively. So hire a Treecotech arboriculture specialist today and make sure that your property’s trees and plants are not just maintained, but are in good health as well. If you don’t know how to hire an expert for tree survey, then just call up Arboriculture consultancy in India like Treecotech to get started.

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