Role of Trees in Physical and Mental Health of HumansThere is lots of talk and awareness about the mental health these days. Mental health experts are coming up with lots of things for people to try so that the global issues of depression and anxiety can be addressed. New concepts like use of organic food, digital detoxification etc. are becoming increasingly popular with the rise in the awareness about the impact of technological advancement on our daily lives. People are now going back to the roots and are making connections with our mother nature. Spa retreats, organic living, turning vegan are some of the steps that people are taking for that purpose. Even the housing projects are considering the planning and development of trees as an important step.

In such times, it is important to understand what role do trees play in making us happier? What effect do they have on our mental wellbeing? Trees not only gives us oxygen, clean water, air, food, shelter etc. but they also make us happier.

There have been studies which proves that those people who live in green areas lead a happier and healthier life. Trees can:

  • Lower down the blood pressure, possibly by releasing more oxygen and by improving the air quality.
  • Fastens up the reaction time of people because they give rise to the level of attentiveness.
  • Increase the productivity of employees in workplaces.
  •  Have a positive effect on overall wellbeing of people.
  • Have an impact on the perception of the space around.
  • Help people recover faster from treatment or surgery.
  • Act as a catalyst in work performance and increase the overall job satisfaction.

It is not just job satisfaction, but trees can also increase overall satisfaction levels regarding life in general. The levels of satisfaction are comparable to that of having a job or having a partner. There have been lots of indicators and thesis which have proved that trees have a very positive impact on the lives of people. A tree specialist in India can tell you about their experience with people who might have realised the positive effects of having trees around themselves. The levels of satisfaction and happiness can ultimately even reduce the overall crime rates. In fact, the number of diseases also reduced where the greenery is abundant. This is possibly because many of the diseases are caused by stress.

Arboriculture training can teach you a lot about which trees to grow in which location so that people in that area can get the maximum benefits. Everyone should consider planting some trees in the vicinity of their property. This will be good for the whole community. Trees always take less and give back way more than they take from us. They are good, beautiful, helpful and lifeline for us humans, which is why they should be respected and nurtured. Call up a certified arborist in India today to know more about what can you do to get the maximum from these beautiful creations of nature.

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