Arboriculture training in Mumbai

Maintenance of trees is not an easy task to do. Trees, just like humans, needs regular attention and care. If they are sick, there are signs that you can read to identify their sickness. Having Arboriculture training can surely help in reading these signs since planning and development of trees is way too hard for naïve people. Even though you don’t have enough knowledge about the maintenance of trees, you can still try to find out whether the tree is dying by looking out for the following signs:

  1. Observing the trunk:
    Normally, when a tree is dying, it develops some vertical cracks in the trunk. You might also notice that the bark is missing from some areas. It could also be presence of dead bark or removed portion of it. There could be presence of Cankers too. These factors are visible from naked eye but they are easier to identify by a certified arborist in India. Other signs of trunk can be seen only if you go close and scratch it. If the inner layer of the bark has turned brown, it means that the tree is already almost dead. 
  2. Signs from the branches:
    Branches lose hold of the leaves during an incorrect season if the tree is dying. If the leaves are falling in autumn, it should be okay but if they falling out at an abnormal pace and time, then it is not a good sign. Make sure that the measures for tree safety are in place so that there is no external danger for the trees. Other signs that you can look out for are presence of dead leaves on the branches. The joints that connect the tree with the branches might turn weak and are prone to breaking with a little effort. In the growing season like spring, if the leaves are still brown in colour and brittle, then that could also be a sign of a dying tree. 
  3. Signs from the roots:
    If the roots of the tree are damaged, it will affect the whole tree and it might lean on some specific side. You will also be able to notice some little branches coming out from the base. If  you can see slimy roots, then it is also a nearly sure sign of tree decay. In the Arboriculture training programmes, the knowledge about these kinds of signs is also given.

There are other generic things like presence of fungus which can mean that the tree is rotting from the inside. In fact, not just fungus but creatures like bark beetles, ants or other insects generally thrive on dying trees. Any tree specialist in India can read these signs very quickly, just by looking at the tree.

Understanding of these signs can help you to save the tree from dying in some cases or in its timely removal before it causes any damage to the property or people nearby. A Treecotech Arboriculture specialist can help in noticing such signs.

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