Useful Advices for Tree Care

Trees need regular care, just like a pet needs attention and care. Those who don’t possess any arboriculture knowledge might have endless questions in their head about how to take care of the trees. If you want a healthy growth of the tree, you need to go through the list of things that you should do (and not do) below:

  1. Regular pruning:
    Some people might feel that pruning will affect the health of the trees negatively or they may feel too lazy to get them pruned, but in fact, pruning is healthy for the trees if it is done once in a while. If it is done very frequently, then it can have a negative impact on tree safety. It is not just the frequency, but also the time of pruning which can affect the health. Fall season is surely a bad time for pruning activities. You can prevent the trees from catching fungus and other diseases if you don’t prune during the fall. Any tree specialist in India will not advise you to go for pruning very frequently i.e. in every season of the year. Best time to go for it in the early spring season. Lastly, make sure you avoid any big cuts which can leave the trees vulnerable.
  2. Keep an eye on diseases:
    This is the point where arboriculture training will be of great help. You should look out for any kinds of diseases that the tree might be catching. You should also keep yourself aware of any outbreaks of tree diseases in your locality. If you can read the signs of a sick of dying tree, you can save a lot of effort, money and even the life of the tree. In case the tree falls after a storm or strong winds, you should do the clean up yourself. Instead, you should hire the help of a Treecotech arboriculture specialist.
  3. Ensure that the tree is not close to power lines. They are a big hazard for the trees. If the planning and development of trees is done properly, obvious hazards like these can easily be avoided. If the tree is too close to power lines, you can trim them from there. Even if the trees are too close to each other as well, it is harmful for them because the roots will not get enough space to expand. If the roots are not healthy, trees won’t grow healthy.
  4. An obvious addition in the list of tree care solutions is to water the trees regularly. Especially in summer season and hot days, regular watering is very important. Make sure you water near the base of the tree. Note that overwatering the trees can make vulnerable of attack by pests or rot the roots as well.
  5. If required, use mulching. That will help in retaining the moisture around the roots of the trees.

You can search on how to hire an expert for a tree survey and get the survey done to make sure that the health of the trees is in place.

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