Cutting a Tree Near You

Are you unable to decide whether a tree in your property should be cut or not? It is a common dilemma faced by many of us. One can easily overcome this dilemma either by hiring a certified tree arborist agency in Mumbai to assess it for you or by analyzing the following aspects about the tree under consideration to help you decide on the life of the tree:

Species: The species of the tree should be apt according to the environmental conditions of the place, else, it will not survive for long. If the species of the tree under is a threat to other lives around, then it may not be wise to keep the tree. A tree can pose threat to other lives around if it belongs to an invasive species family or due to its size which may reach more than the level desired by surroundings or due to extensively long roots or if it is a pest prone species or similar other reasons belonging to the nature of that particular species.

Health: When you want to retain a tree on your premises, it is very essential to ensure that it is healthy. A declining tree is likely to fall any day and hence it would be better to remove it as soon as possible. Pests around the tree, thin canopy, falling leaves, sprouting roots, fungus on the bark, split in the trunk, etc. are some of the symptoms of a declining tree. Even after looking at these symptoms, it might be difficult for a layman to diagnose the health of a tree. In such cases, the guidance of tree health care services can prove useful to figure out that whether the tree is unhealthy and irreparable and shall be cut or it can be retained as it can be cured with care and medication.

Leaning trees: A leaning tree is certainly a threat to men and materials in the near vicinity of the tree especially if the tree has developed a sudden bend. This is a clear indication of its weakening roots and thus it needs immediate attention. The arboricultural consultancy in India can do the tree risk assessment for you to give you the perfect solution according to the situation. If the tree’s bend is natural because of the characteristics of the species, then merely adding some support to the tree can save it. However, if the tree is leaning due to damaged roots then tree pruning techniques can be adopted by the arboriculture consultancy in Mumbai.

Excavation activities: Such activities around the tree can cause severe damage to the roots of the tree and whenever such damage is experienced by a tree it gradually declines. The urban tree experts can professionally suggest if such a tree can be saved or needs to be cut.

It is essential to remember that a tree if cut, will be irreplaceable.  So, the final decision of cutting a tree must be taken after an astute assessment of the overall condition of the tree. A tree arborist in Mumbai can help to do the needful before and after cutting a tree.

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