Do You Want to Miss Sun Exposure for Your Plants?

It is a treat to watch lush green plants and trees whenever you look around. All those who have planted a tree once in lifetime know that a plant needs a lot of care not only at its young age but also as it grows old. While caring for plants, factors to consider are watering plants in the right proportion, providing necessary nutrients to the soil, trimming of the plant, plant health check by a certified arborist service in Mumbai, etc. Exposure to Sun is another very important factor to consider if you want to take good care of your plant. Ideally, you cannot miss sun exposure for your plant even if it is an indoor plant because plants cannot photosynthesize (cook their food) in the absence of sunlight. However, the requirements of sun exposure of every plant may differ. Some plants are hard to withstand direct sunlight for a prolonged duration. On the other hand, many plant species cannot survive under the scorching sun rays falling on them for a long duration especially at their young age.

You may also have experienced that the tree you planted fondly did not survive for long either due to limited or excessive sun exposure, probably because you were unaware of the plant’s requirements. Tree health care services can guide you on the apt duration of sun exposure for your existing plants. Even when you want to buy new plants seek the advice of tree planning consultancy services in advance because they are the best people to assist you with trees that can survive in the weather conditions of your area. So, they will not let your dream of nurturing plants break due to inappropriate sun exposure.

Categorizing broadly, plants fall under three main categories as per their requirement of sun exposure viz. Some plants require full sun meaning at least six hours of sun exposure every day and the others may do with the partial Sun and partial shade which implies nearly 4-6 hours of sun exposure for the plant. There are full shade plants also available which can manage with two hours of sunlight every day.

To know more about sunlight exposure or to know about your plant health or for species selection and planting advisory, it is the best to hire services of an arboriculture consultancy in Mumbai because they are well trained and equipped in helping you grow healthy indoor and outdoor plants. So, under the guidance of urban tree experts go green, enrich your garden with strong, healthy, fruit and flower bearing plants. Additionally, decor your indoors with plants and add aesthetic and environmental benefits to your indoors.