Watering Plants and Trees: Save or Take Plant's Life

As we all know that water is an essential resource for plants to cook their food, we cannot deny the importance of water in a plant’s life. With appropriate watering, a plant also stays healthy and stress-free. Here, focus on the word ‘appropriate’ is essential because if we will not water a plant appropriately then the plant’s health condition deteriorates and over a period the plant even dies. For watering a plant perfectly not only the amount of water but also the time of watering should be taken care of. For knowing watering requirements in detail of the species grown at your premises, you can seek the advice of plant health care services. Till then, here are some basic general tips which will help you water your plants following which your plants will grow in good condition:

Time of watering: The morning and the evening time of the day are the best to water your plants because most of their water evaporates during the hot afternoons.

Frequency of watering: How frequently you should water your plants in a day i.e. whether you should water it once a day or twice a day or once in two days depends on the size of your plant, weather and soil conditions in which the plant is grown. Your hired arboriculture services in Mumbai can tell you the daily water proportion for every plant in your garden. Besides the advice of a certified arborist in Mumbai, you are the best judge to decide for the time and frequency of watering as every day only you can check the soil condition of the plant. The idea behind watering plants is to keep the soil moist and not soggy. You can also use a garden trowel to a depth of 2 inches to check soil conditions. Dry soil indicates that the plants need water. In winters also, the same way can be adopted for judging the watering requirements of the plant.

The quantity of water: In order to decide on the quantity of water needed to be poured in the soil at one go you can either seek the help of an arboricultural consultancy in Mumbai or decide it by yourself after monitoring the moisture in the soil for a day or two. If you can arrange for drip lines, it would be the best as it will ensure the slow and deep watering of the plant besides evaporating minimal water.

Consistency: in keeping the soil moist by appropriate watering is an essential step in the process of watering a plant.

Remember that newly planted trees need more water because their root establishment process has just begun.  Choosing the right tree species according to weather conditions of your region is also necessary because different