Arborist - Novel Profession in IndiaWho is an Arborist? Have you never heard of this profession? Yes, it is relatively a new profession but an upcoming one. The work of arborists is somewhat similar to the work of a landscape designer or a forester. However, the profession of an arborist has much more. The role of an arborist is to design landscapes by way of species selection and planting advisory.  A certified arborist in Mumbai can help to know about your plant health after inspecting trees vigilantly, just as a doctor diagnoses our diseases. He educates commoners on how to take care of trees and plants according to his customized instructions. Hired arborists also handle training of crown, seasonal sanitation pruning, strengthening of the tree with bracings, wound cleaning, etc. A tree arborist in Mumbai saves trees from various types of threats and ill-health and devises safe tree retention and protection strategies to give a longer and healthier life to a tree.  Furthermore, an established arborist in Mumbai is well versed in tree pruning techniques.

The profession of an arborist is no less than a sport as the arborist often has to climb trees. Thus, an arborist must seek training from an established arboriculture training agency that can groom, train, and equip an individual to become a successful arborist. Some of the arboriculture services in Mumbai also offer training to become a professional arborist.

Being an arborist is not only a profession but a lifestyle of those who love nature.  Only a nature-loving arborist tries hard to save every tree from ill-health, adverse environmental conditions, or social issues, else money-making mindset can drive them to cut the tree. An astute arborist very well understands that a tree is cut only when it is impossible to save it and when it is posing as a danger for other living beings around. The job of the arborist doesn’t end here. His keen love of nature is exhibited by his endeavors to find the root cause due to which a tree had to be cut. A true arborist examines soil condition, root condition, cause of death of a tree, and other tree survey compliant aspects and shares them with the property owners so that other trees in the area can be saved.

If you are looking forward to pursuing the career of an arborist then you may find only limited options even in established universities. So, combining your degree with the experience of an existing certified arborist service in Mumbai could be great for your career. You can find an arboricultural consultancy in India offering such training to the freshers.


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