Why is it Essential to Remove a Tree Around Residential Property?

Why is it Essential to Remove a Tree Around Residential Property

Trees means ‘life’ for us humans. Greenhouse effect and other problems that occur due to the lack of trees that we face exemplify the importance of trees for all living beings on earth. Certainly, when on one hand we are trying to cultivate more and more trees around the world, none of us would like to remove a tree from anywhere. But despite adopting safe tree retention and protection strategies, sometimes removing a tree becomes unavoidable, especially if it is in a residential area. Here are some of the reasons which make tree removal necessary by seeking services of a tree arborist in Mumbai:

Death of a tree: It is sad to see a tree dying but if a tree near your property is dead, it should be removed soon. Else, it can hurt people or animals around or can also cause damage to the property as it is prone to falling. 

Outgrowing trees: Overgrown trees when not managed properly grow like wildfire. Branches and roots of such trees damage the telephone lines, electric wires, water pipes, and whatsoever comes in their way. Owners of residential properties or utility companies operating in residential areas at times demand to remove such trees.

Unhealthy tree: If a tree near your home is unhealthy or has caught a life-threatening or communicable infection, then you can seek plant health care services from a certified arborist in Mumbai. Tree care experts in Mumbai help you to know about your plant health and can guide you with necessary tree health care steps. In spite of taking tree care solutions, if your tree’s health doesn’t improve then it is advisable to remove it else it can become a source of infection for other plants/living beings around.

Leaning trees: Many times, trees lean a particular direction. A leaning tree is likely to fall on any day, especially during bad weather conditions and so it is always a threat to life and property around. So, for the sake of saving life and property in place of the tree which will eventually fall, it is better to remove the leaning tree soon. 

Aesthetic Importance: Green flourishing trees add aesthetic value to your property. But if a tree poses an obstruction to your view from the property or blocks the view of your property from outside then it decreases the value of your property. No property owner wants to face handsome monetary loss because of a tree and so prefers tree removal. In such cases, do not forget to transplant the tree elsewhere.

Overcrowding of trees: If there are too many trees in a limited area, then tangling of their roots can shorten the life of all the trees altogether. So, it is better to sacrifice one for saving others. Crowding of trees also generates the fear of falling branches and roots coming over the ground which can hurt people around. Other problems associated with crowding of trees are the destruction of powerline, residential premise, internet/telephone lines, cracks in the pavement/pool/lawn, road blocking, etc. To avoid crowding of trees, sometimes one or more trees need to be removed. Here again, tree transplantation after tree removal can save the important life of a tree.

Construction or renovation: While constructing a building or renovating a property, if a tree comes in between, then it can be safely removed by a certified arborist service in Mumbai and planted elsewhere so that it doesn’t cause hindrance to your project and also the life of the tree is saved. 

If you are facing any of the above-mentioned problems, then it is wise to get an appointment with an arboriculture expert as an arborist in Mumbai can help you decide whether tree removal is essential or not. Furthermore, a certified tree arborist agency in Mumbai technically handles the task of tree transplantation by removing an unwanted but healthy tree safely from its native location and then planting the removed tree at an apt location. Thus, hiring services of an arboriculture consultancy in Mumbai is worthy to remove, plant and save a tree.

Importance of Hiring a Certified Arborist

Importance of Hiring a Certified ArboristServicing the tree is considered as an easy task by most people and they get confident about managing it on their own. Even those people who do not possess arboriculture training try to maintain the trees all by themselves, maybe because it seems like it is the basic gardening and landscaping work to do. But in reality, there is much more to it and is not as easy as it might seem in the first place. Arboriculture knowledge is really helpful to decide on when is the right time for maintenance and how it should be done.

Trees can be difficult to maintain, especially when they grow long- almost same or higher than the height of the building. Their roots can spread in a much wider area under the ground, which can make things a bit tricky. Taking care of such trees requires help from a certified arborist in India.

The question is why would you want to hire the services from an arboriculture consultancy in India? Why your investment is worth the return? The answer is that the value of trees should not be measured quantitatively but researchers have attempted to do it. The observations are that almost seven percent of the value of the property is determined by the kind of health of the trees in that property. In fact, the overall landscape maintenance can contribute up to 15% to the value of the property. Trees obviously occupies a major share in the whole landscape.

If you are really concerned about appraising the value of the property, you should not think twice before hiring the services of a certified arborist in India. Take this as a long-term investment for housing. The whole planning starts from design of the landscape to making the walkways or drive-ways nice and lively. If these areas are beautifully developed, your property is bound to get the attention even from any passer-by. Therefore, maintenance of the trees is like creating an asset. On the other hand, if tree care solutions are not implemented, then the sight of the property won’t be pleasant at all.

A certified arborist in India receive their certificate only if they meet the requirements by the certifying authority, after receiving mandatory arboriculture training and testing of their skills and abilities.

The certification body in India makes sure that the arborists have adequate knowledge to be able to do the process of planning and development of trees. They also have a list of tree specialists in India and are in contact with the consultancies where these specialists work.

Certified arborist in India knows very well how to manage the trees and how to check the health of the tree. The observation of the roots and leaves requires technical knowledge. When this knowledge is combined with the experience, the results are beneficial for the trees which are a blessing to our lives. There is no good reason for not hiring the services of a certified arborist.

How is an Arborist’s Job Different from that of a Landscaper

How is an Arborist’s Job Different from that of a LandscaperFor an amateur gardener, the term arborist and landscaper might mean the same. But there is a big difference between their work responsibilities, training and other aspects of their profession. It is important to know the difference because you should be looking for a suitable person depending upon the kind of work you need them for. Arboriculture consultancy in India like Treecotech can help you in finding the right arborist but first you need to find out whether you need a certified arborist in India or a landscaper. 

Landscaping is a traditional term and being a landscaper means doing those traditional tasks like hardscape installation, taking care of the lawn right from the point of making it till its maintenance phase. Landscapers also take care of irrigation needs of the plants and trees and they also prepare the bed for the plants. Arboriculture knowledge goes a step further than this. 

Treecotech Arboriculture specialists are responsible for taking care of trees which have grown mature, removal of trees or their pruning, stump grinding and other similar things. 

As far as the knowledge and background are concerned, arboriculture knowledge is little bit more complicated and wider than the knowledge required for being a landscaper. If the landscaper is made to do the job of an arborist, they might face issues with the usage of tools. Since tree safety is important, you should call an arborist to look after the trees in your property. Arboriculture training involves handling of complex and dangerous equipment and practice of different types of pruning techniques.

Some of the arborists also have liability insurance whereas most of the landscapers don’t have it. Liability insurance helps both the parties- the arborist as well as the owner of the property.

To summarise in simple words, if you need someone who can prepare the lawn for you, then a landscaper might be a good option but if you need someone who can take care of the existing plants and trees with professional knowledge including the knowledge of safety procedures, then you should call a Treecotech arboriculture specialist instead. They are also knowledgeable enough to identify any diseases in the trees and can be real saviours for the dying trees. 

Another misconception is that you can either use the services of an arborist or a landscaper but not both. This is not true. Sometimes, you might need both of them to work together. They are sort of complementary jobs and when things are done collaboratively, it leads to a beautiful setup of plants and trees in good health.

As an owner of the property, as long as you know understand your needs and basic jobs of a landscaper and an arborist, then you will be able to find the right person for the job. Note that a tree specialist in India is more likely to provide you with suggestions about the health of the trees. Even if you need a landscaper after that, they will let you know about it!

Tips to Help You Identify When the Tree is Getting Sick

Is Your Tree Sick?

Having trees in the backyard or premises of the home is a great thing to have. But maintaining them can be a big task, specially if you are not aware of how to check the health of the tree. Tree decay detection is a skill, but there are some useful suggestions and tips which can help you even if you don’t have knowledge like a professional gardener does. Some of them are listed below:

Know your trees:

First thing to do is to have a read about what all trees you have got. Once you are aware of the proper names of the trees, it will help you to look up for useful information about them. You should how does the healthier version of the those trees look like. You might think that having leaves green is a sign of a good health, but there could be plenty of other things to check.
Other ways to stay informed is to read the cards that come along when you buy a new plant. There is plenty of information mentioned on those tags and they should be saved for referring again. Sometimes even a picture on those tags can tell you how that tree should look like.
You can also learn more or gather information by going for an Arboriculture training. That is like a professional level training which will help you in getting the skills of manage wide variety of trees.

Being aware about the diseases:

As the urbanization is increasing, trees are finding it hard to cope up with the changes in environment for them. Also, we have started growing them in places which might not be meant for them or where the environment is not in their best favour. There are plan health care services available which can provide Species selection and Planting advisory so that you can grow them in suitable surrounding. But being aware about common issues which the plants and trees can generally catch will be very helpful.
There are some diseases which might make the tree look really sick, but they could just be cosmetic issues and might not affect the health of the tree from inside. On the contrary, there could some diseases which shows less signs but could prove to be very damaging for the health of the tree.
Also, there are certain seasonal issues which should be checked for.


Needless to say, regular and timely inspection of the trees can save the tree’s life. If some of the signs can be read in early stages, the treatment can be given soon and prevent the disease from growing or spreading. Some things that you should look out for are:
Limbs of trees to make sure they are not broken or show sign of disease
Shape of the leaves- they shouldn’t be curled up or damaged
Presence of mushrooms
Verification of the roots
Observe the bigger picture- inspect the tree overall to see if something looks unusual.
These simple techniques can help you detect the diseases early and can give you a chance to get the trees back to healthy status again.