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How is an Arborist’s Job Different from that of a Landscaper

How is an Arborist’s Job Different from that of a LandscaperFor an amateur gardener, the term arborist and landscaper might mean the same. But there is a big difference between their work responsibilities, training and other aspects of their profession. It is important to know the difference because you should be looking for a suitable person depending upon the kind of work you need them for. Arboriculture consultancy in India like Treecotech can help you in finding the right arborist but first you need to find out whether you need a certified arborist in India or a landscaper. 

Landscaping is a traditional term and being a landscaper means doing those traditional tasks like hardscape installation, taking care of the lawn right from the point of making it till its maintenance phase. Landscapers also take care of irrigation needs of the plants and trees and they also prepare the bed for the plants. Arboriculture knowledge goes a step further than this. 

Treecotech Arboriculture specialists are responsible for taking care of trees which have grown mature, removal of trees or their pruning, stump grinding and other similar things. 

As far as the knowledge and background are concerned, arboriculture knowledge is little bit more complicated and wider than the knowledge required for being a landscaper. If the landscaper is made to do the job of an arborist, they might face issues with the usage of tools. Since tree safety is important, you should call an arborist to look after the trees in your property. Arboriculture training involves handling of complex and dangerous equipment and practice of different types of pruning techniques.

Some of the arborists also have liability insurance whereas most of the landscapers don’t have it. Liability insurance helps both the parties- the arborist as well as the owner of the property.

To summarise in simple words, if you need someone who can prepare the lawn for you, then a landscaper might be a good option but if you need someone who can take care of the existing plants and trees with professional knowledge including the knowledge of safety procedures, then you should call a Treecotech arboriculture specialist instead. They are also knowledgeable enough to identify any diseases in the trees and can be real saviours for the dying trees. 

Another misconception is that you can either use the services of an arborist or a landscaper but not both. This is not true. Sometimes, you might need both of them to work together. They are sort of complementary jobs and when things are done collaboratively, it leads to a beautiful setup of plants and trees in good health.

As an owner of the property, as long as you know understand your needs and basic jobs of a landscaper and an arborist, then you will be able to find the right person for the job. Note that a tree specialist in India is more likely to provide you with suggestions about the health of the trees. Even if you need a landscaper after that, they will let you know about it!

Fun Facts About Trees That Everyone Should Know

Fun Facts About Trees That Everyone Should KnowThe importance of trees in our lives cannot be emphasized enough. Since childhood, we are taught about their importance and that they give us food, shelter and life to wildlife. Other most crucial job that the trees do is to clear out the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release more oxygen. They are a beautiful creation of god and it is worth studying them in great detail. The fun facts below should be known to everyone, even those who do not have any arboriculture knowledge.

  1. Trees don’t die of old age:
    As per the data collected so far, it has been observed that the trees are the oldest living organisms on this earth. They don’t die if they grow really old. There are trees which are thousands of years old and still surviving! Organisations across the world are maintaining databases for tracking the age of the trees. Old trees are now preserved in most areas, thanks to environmental awareness. Tree specialist in India can help you in identifying the age of the tree.
  2. They need a lot of water, just like humans!
    Trees drink plenty of water every day. They can extract even hundred gallons per day from the ground below. Where does all this water go? The trees release it in the form of oxygen and water vapours. This whole process of consumption and release is dependent on various factors like type of the tree, location and environmental conditions.
  3. If trees and shrubs are placed at the right position in your home, then you can save up to 25% of your total electricity bills. They provide shade and can keep the home so cool that you wouldn’t require an air conditioner. A certified arborist in India can help you identify which location would be ideal.
  4. There are ‘moon trees’ on earth which were grown from about 500 seeds which were taken for orbiting the moon by Apollo 14 mission! That was in the year 1971. The seeds did not land on the moon though.
  5. Trees communicate with each other, especially when there is an external attack. It has been observed that when insects start their attack on the tree, it releases a chemical in the leaves for defence purposes. It also informs about the attack to other trees so that they can be prepared as well. It is good to know since tree safety is important to all of us!
  6. Pollens are shed by male pine cones and with the help of wind, those pollen reach the female pines cones where the pollination happens.
  7. Trees help in lowering the overall air temperature by evaporating the water.
  8. They also do the job of improving the quality of water for us. They slow down the rainwater going into the ground and save the aquifers.
  9. If you walk in the woods and get lost, trees can give you some direction! The moss and thick rings are more on the northern side.
  10. Different parts of the tree grow in different seasons. The tree doesn’t grow altogether.

What is Arboriculture and Why is it Important

Arboriculture is a science, art and practice as What is Arboriculture and Why is it Important well. It is about ensuring that the good health of the trees, plants and shrubs is maintained. Arboriculture is also the study of the behaviour of the trees and plants in specific conditions. It is the study of their growth patterns, response to the environment etc. By acquiring arboriculture knowledge, an arborist can learn how to cultivate plants and trees.

There are lots of practices and techniques which are taught in a good arboriculture training program. Those practices and techniques are then used by a certified arborist in India for the purpose of maintenance of trees, identifying what kind of plant or a tree will be suitable for which location etc. Arborists gain a  good knowledge about fertilizers, sprays for insect control, diseases that a tree can possible catch and methodologies like cabling, pruning, bracing and removal of trees.

Arborists are those people who have acquired professional arboriculture training and knowledge. They also possess physical skills to maintain the health of the trees. Things like pruning not only requires technical knowledge like when is the right time to prune or which pruning technique to use, but it also needs physical strength and knowledge of how to perform those techniques. A tree specialist in India needs to have a mix of mental skills and physical ability to implement those skills.

A common misunderstanding is that arborists are same as landscapers. This might seem true to those who are not into maintenance and care of garden areas, but there is a huge difference between the profession of an arborist and that of a landscaper. There is a reason why arboriculture is a separate profession than landscaping. It is important because it helps in:

  1. Identifying if the tree can possibly catch a disease
  2. Taking care of the health of the trees and plants
  3. Maintaining the beauty of the landscape or the property
  4. Getting the most out of the greenery in a certain area
  5. Increasing the overall value of the property by improving the aesthetics.
  6. Maintaining tree safety

Keeping care of the trees:
Every property owner is responsible for keeping care of the trees on their property. The benefits are more than just the aesthetic value. A good planned out structure can not only save considerable amounts of money, but can also increase the value of the property by up to 20%. Therefore, apart from giving health benefits, cool temperature, shade, fruits (for some trees), increase in oxygen levels etc. the trees can also give you monetary benefits. On the other hand, if they are not maintained properly, then the landscape’s look will be affected negatively. So hire a Treecotech arboriculture specialist today and make sure that your property’s trees and plants are not just maintained, but are in good health as well. If you don’t know how to hire an expert for tree survey, then just call up Arboriculture consultancy in India like Treecotech to get started.

Role of Trees in Physical and Mental Health of Humans

Role of Trees in Physical and Mental Health of HumansThere is lots of talk and awareness about the mental health these days. Mental health experts are coming up with lots of things for people to try so that the global issues of depression and anxiety can be addressed. New concepts like use of organic food, digital detoxification etc. are becoming increasingly popular with the rise in the awareness about the impact of technological advancement on our daily lives. People are now going back to the roots and are making connections with our mother nature. Spa retreats, organic living, turning vegan are some of the steps that people are taking for that purpose. Even the housing projects are considering the planning and development of trees as an important step.

In such times, it is important to understand what role do trees play in making us happier? What effect do they have on our mental wellbeing? Trees not only gives us oxygen, clean water, air, food, shelter etc. but they also make us happier.

There have been studies which proves that those people who live in green areas lead a happier and healthier life. Trees can:

  • Lower down the blood pressure, possibly by releasing more oxygen and by improving the air quality.
  • Fastens up the reaction time of people because they give rise to the level of attentiveness.
  • Increase the productivity of employees in workplaces.
  •  Have a positive effect on overall wellbeing of people.
  • Have an impact on the perception of the space around.
  • Help people recover faster from treatment or surgery.
  • Act as a catalyst in work performance and increase the overall job satisfaction.

It is not just job satisfaction, but trees can also increase overall satisfaction levels regarding life in general. The levels of satisfaction are comparable to that of having a job or having a partner. There have been lots of indicators and thesis which have proved that trees have a very positive impact on the lives of people. A tree specialist in India can tell you about their experience with people who might have realised the positive effects of having trees around themselves. The levels of satisfaction and happiness can ultimately even reduce the overall crime rates. In fact, the number of diseases also reduced where the greenery is abundant. This is possibly because many of the diseases are caused by stress.

Arboriculture training can teach you a lot about which trees to grow in which location so that people in that area can get the maximum benefits. Everyone should consider planting some trees in the vicinity of their property. This will be good for the whole community. Trees always take less and give back way more than they take from us. They are good, beautiful, helpful and lifeline for us humans, which is why they should be respected and nurtured. Call up a certified arborist in India today to know more about what can you do to get the maximum from these beautiful creations of nature.

How Can an Arborist Help You?

How Can an Arborist Help You by treecotechTrees are important for everyone. They are our lifeline and in return, they need our attention and care so that they can stay healthy. Tree safety and is important and taking their care is a big responsibility and unfortunately, many people do not know the how-to side of it. In such situations, arborists can act like saviours and save the trees from different kinds of damages. There are various reasons why a certified arborist in India can be really helpful for you:

  1. Arborists go through an intensive arboriculture training. They are very well trained and know how to take care of the trees- right from the stage of planting till the maintenance phase. They also know how to prune the trees and when is the right time to do so. By examining the trees, their roots, branch etc., an arborist can find out whether an insect is attacking the tree or if the tree is in any kind of danger. If that’s the case, then a tree specialist in India can also suggest you the ways by which you can save the trees from dying. There are a number of things that can be done to protect the trees from ailments and those services are provides by professional arborists.
  2. Professional knowledge and expertise:
    Arborists have enough arboriculture knowledge to suggest you the best options of growing trees in your property. This will ultimately give rise to the value of the property, adding value to your assets. It has been observed that those properties which have a well-maintained area of trees gets sold in more value as compared to those which doesn’t have any trees or a garden area which is not maintained. In fact, if there is an area allotted for trees in the property and if the trees are half dying or not maintained properly, then it becomes a liability for the buyers and they tend to avoid the work involved to get things right. Therefore, it is very helpful to use the mind of an arborist in planning and development of trees.
  3. Tree care solutions along with safety:
    Arborists undergo physical training on how to prune the trees properly or remove them safely. It is a bad idea to try pruning the trees all by yourself if you do not have any arboriculture training. This is because it is a risky job and if anything is not handled properly, there could be severe damages to life and property. An arborist keeps care of the safety procedures to be followed and do the job perfectly as well.
  4. Tools and equipment:
    An arborist comes with a set of tools which are helpful to perform different kinds of tasks and still maintaining the safety for everyone.
  5. Arborists can also take care of the storm damage.
    Certified arborists in India are with Treecotech to ensure safety of the trees along with their good health and growth. Call today to know more about the benefits of hiring a professional arborist.


Quick Tips and Tricks for Watering Trees Efficiently

Quick Tips and Tricks for Watering Trees EfficientlyThe right amount of watering is very crucial for the survival and better growth of the tree. To make sure that tree safety and health are well maintained, you must be aware of some good practices regarding watering them. There is no exact specification for how often and how much you should be watering them. These things actually depend on many factors such as soil type, tree type, weather conditions etc. Irrespective of these factors, there are certain steps you should take in all cases:

  1. Newly planted trees should always be watered. This seems like an obvious thing to do, but there is no harm in keeping it in the list of tree care solutions as a reminder.
  2. Watering trees in initial growing seasons:
    When trees are young, they consume huge amounts of energy so that they can develop the roots properly. If they don’t have access to sufficient water at that time, they will not be able to establish a good base. In an initial couple of growing seasons, the trees should be deep-watered. If you do not have arboriculture knowledge, then this term might be new for you. It basically means that the soil in which they exist should be kept so moist that the whole roots of the tree can also get that moisture.
  1. Consider soil moisture before watering them:
    It might seem a bit of a hassle to do, but at least initially you should dig the soil for about a few inches in case you are watering well-established trees. After digging, touch the soil to check the level of moisture and then water accordingly. When you do that a few times, you will get a good idea of the frequency of watering. This is a good practice for better planning and development of trees. Ideally, the soil should always be a bit moist, neither very dry nor drenched in water. Amount wise, almost five gallons per inch as per the diameter of the trunk can be used. In terms of time, you can water them for thirty seconds with a steady flow of water.
  1. Overwatering won’t help:
    If you think that you can overwater the tree for one day and don’t water it for weeks, then it is absolutely a wrong approach and is harmful for tree safety. If you can see any of the following symptoms, then it implies that you have been over watering the trees:
  • Leaves turning yellow, starting from the branches at the bottom side of the tree
  • The roots turning black or brown
  • Fungus on surface
  • Brittle green leaves
  • Wilting, specially of young shoots.
    A certified arborist in India can help you identify whether the tree is suffering due to overwatering or not.
  1. Mulching:
    Mulching is good for the health of the trees. It is not only good for aesthetic purposes, but it also helps in maintaining moisture in the soil, hence maintaining its temperature.
    For more advice and information on watering the trees efficiently, you can refer to an Arboriculture consultancy in India like Treecotech.